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British duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost reunite once again, but this time under the direction of Greg Mottola, in a story that reverts everything Americana.

Paul tells us the story about two best buddies, Graeme and Clive, that after visiting Comic-Con, they decide to go on a roadtrip through the Southwest and visit UFO related landmarks.

During this trip, they meet Paul (voiced by Seth Rogan), an alien with a mouthful and a strong personality, that's being hunted by the government.

Together they're on the run and boy oh boy, do they go through a lot.

Credit: Wilson Webb
Credit: Wilson Webb

There are a lot of fun moments in Paul, mainly ones connected to meta-humor or reference other universes. And it doesn't even try to be funny, it just grabs what we know of general culture. Laugh out loud moments include the alien questioning why everyone assumes that they want to anally probe someone and the Cantina Song from Star Wars, in an all new rendition.

Credit: Wilson Webb
Credit: Wilson Webb

While for most part of the film it's pretty fun and enjoyable, towards the end it does get diluted, not being able to maintain the good rhythm it sets, with an ending that could have been totally something else.

Other than that, Paul is one ride where the journey is indeed more important than the destination.


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