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Let me begin this with I am fully aware my fan cast if full of "movie stars" that would probably never sign on to a television series, this pitch began as a movie pitch but the story works better as a t.v. show and I am keeping my cast. This post will pitch my overall story and my series cast and I will continue to post a pitch and cast for each episode, and there will be twenty-three episodes in total. The first season of the show would be to introduce the characters and ideas, season 2 would elaborate on them, which is why so many characters are being used early on, however I haven't planed the entire season so some of these characters may not actually be used. Most of the characters will be introduced in the context of the universe, however this will be an origin story for some of Batman's enemies. This would be less like Flash or Arrow, and more like Batman: The Animated Series or The Batman, so a fun, episode by episode adventure story, with an overall story. So here is my pitch.

Series pitch: Bruce Wayne has been the Batman for five years, so his entire rouges gallery has been introduced. At the moment Gotham is torn in a three way war between Joker gang, Penguin gang, and Black Mask gang. Every odd episode Batman deals with the gang war, and every even episode he fights a different rouge, similar to the Arkham game side missions. At the beginning of the season the gang war leads to a massive break out in Arhkam Asylum which is why none of his enemies are in prison.

Here is my fan cast, all of these are picked due to a mixture of; where I've seen them, my personal preference, and what other fans have said in their fan casts, and that is all so I will not be writing a description for each casting choice.

Michael Fassbender: Bruce Wayne/Batman

Kevin Conroy: The voice of Batman

This one I will explain, when Batman puts on the cowl, the voice disguise will be Kevin Conroy's voice.

John Hurt: Alfred Pennyworth

David Duchovny: Jim Gordon

Milo Ventimiglia: Dick Grayson/Nightwing

Taron Egerton: Jason Todd/Red Hood

Logan Lerman: Tim Drake/Red Robin

Emma Stone: Barbra Gordon/Oracle/Batgirl

Emily Kinney: Stephanie Brown/Batgirl

Asa Butterfield: Damien Wayne/Robin

Andrew Scott: Joker

Kat Dennings: Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn

Emily Blunt: Selena Kyle/Catwoman

Toby Jones: Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin

Ralph Fiennes: Victor Fries/Mr.Freeze

David Tennant: Edward Nigma/The Riddler

Liev Schreiber: Harvey Dent/Two-Face

Adrien Brody: Johnathon Crane/Scarecrow

Deborah Ann Woll: Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy

Jon Hamm: Thomas Elliot/Hush

Joe Manganello: Bane

Dwayne Johnson: Waylon Jones/Kiler Croc

Andy Serkis: Jervis Tetch/Mad Hatter

Sharlto Copley: Kirk Langstrom/Manbat

Ben Kingsley: Doctor Hugo Strange

Viggo Mortensen: Ra's al Ghul

Morena Baccarin: Talia al Ghul

Doug Jones: Basil Carlo/Clayface

Aaron Paul: Garfield Lynns/Firefly

Willem Dafoe: Victor Zsasz

Guy Pearce: Roman Sionis/Black Mask

So that's my fan cast, make sure to check back for future posts on episode to episode pitches.


Do you like my fan cast and pitch


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