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Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC this Sunday with Season 2 following it's six-episode debut in 2015. This season the show will take its drama to the high seas as the characters try to outrun (out-float?) the growing zombie population as the world descends further into the apocalypse.

Despite Season 1 being just six episodes long the storytelling was exquisite, and the series really explored the true human reaction to such a catastrophic event (remember, in the universe of The Walking Dead there was no prior knowledge of zombies). So, in order to properly prepare yourselves for the 15-episode long Season 2, take a read below and refresh your memory about what exactly happened in Season 1.

Episode 1, "Pilot"

Source: AMC
Source: AMC

The opening episode introduced us to the blended Clark-Manawa family, consisting of Madison and her children: Nick (a drug addict), Alicia, Travis and his son Chris, and ex-wife Liza.

After being the first to see a reanimated corpse, a drug-addled Nick panics and is hit by a car. After his family rush to his side in hospital it becomes obvious that due to his addiction, no one believes that what Nick saw is real.

Meanwhile, a number of students at the high school that Madison and Travis work at are away sick, and a student named Tobias warns Madison of something terrible that's about to happen.

Travis investigates the building where Nick swears he saw a zombie, spotting evidence that he was telling the truth. Later on he and Madison witness a strange police shooting on the highway.

Nick escapes from hospital and meets up with his dealer Calvin, but after a fight Nick ends up shooting Calvin, killing him. Nick calls Travis and Madison and they race to him, however when they go to inspect Calvin's body it has disappeared. As the group leaves, a reanimated Calvin appears and he tries to attack them. Nick repeatedly reverses over Calvin, but he continually rises until Nick eventually sends him flying onto concrete.

Episode 2, "So Close, Yet So Far"

Source: AMC
Source: AMC

After the incident with Calvin the trio of Travis, Madison and Nick decide they should leave LA for the desert, but their plans are put temporarily on hold after Alicia calls them from her boyfriend Matt's house, where he is sick with a fever. After the group arrives it becomes clear that Matt has been bitten. After reassurance by Matt, Alicia reluctantly leaves with her family, leaving Matt in bed, alone.

Back at home, Nick starts going into withdrawal and Madison leaves him with Alicia while she picks up OxyContin from the high school to help him. At the school Madison runs into Tobias, who is stocking up on canned food. She also finds the reanimated school principal, Artie, who she and Tobias are forced to permanently kill.

Meanwhile, Travis' son Chris heads into the city and soon finds himself amongst a mob at the scene of a police shooting. Worried about his son and ex-wife, Travis heads to their home, where he and Liza learn Chris's location after he is shown on live TV. Travis and Liza race to find Chris, and after a riot breaks out following the police shooting an infected woman, the three are forced to beg a barber for shelter. Inside the shop, the Manawa family meet Daniel, Griselda and Ofelia Salazar.

Episode 3, "The Dog"

Source: AMC
Source: AMC

After a fire breaks out next to Daniel Salazar's barbershop, the six make a break for Travis's truck. Along the way Griselda's leg is crushed, but when they arrive at the hospital, the area is cordoned off by police. After hearing that a state of emergency has been declared in 11 states, and that the National Guard is being called in, the group decides to head to Travis and Madison's home.

Nick, Alicia and Madison leave their home to find a shotgun at their neighbor's house to protect themselves against another neighbor who has reanimated and is walking around the streets. From the neighbor's residence they spot the walker entering their home, and also then see Travis returning, unaware of what is waiting for him inside the house. After a struggle with the walker (and Travis who tells Madison not to shoot the man), Daniel Salazar eventually shoots the walker in the head, killing it for good.

The whole group spends the night at the house, though the Clark-Manawa family still plan to head to the desert. Unfortunately before the family can escape the city, the National Guard moves in, sealing off the neighborhood. While Travis Manawa mistakenly takes this as a good sign, Daniel Salazar tells his wife "it's already too late."

Episode 4, "Not Fade Away"

Source: AMC
Source: AMC

Filming from the roof, Chris Manawa notices a light flashing from a house outside the "Safe-Zone" perimeter that the National Guard set up. He shows his father, theorizing that it must be a survivor, but Travis dismisses the idea.

At a Safe-Zone meeting, Officer Moyers reveals that the Safe-Zone is just one of 12 south of the San Gabriel Mountains. As Alicia and Ofelia collect rations for their families, Ofelia flirts with a soldier. Later it's revealed that Ofelia had been flirting with the soldier in the hopes he would be able to procure medicine to help her mother, who is still suffering from the injury sustained in the rush to get away from the downtown riots.

After Liza tends to the sick inside the Safe-Zone, she is introduced to Dr. Bethany Exner. After Dr. Exner has examined Griselda and Nick soldiers take the pair away to the hospital without their family members. Liza begs Dr. Exner to leave Nick behind, but she refuses and instead encourages Liza to join her at the hospital, which Liza does much to Chris's anger.

Meanwhile Madison sneaks out of the Safe-Zone to find the streets littered with corpses, including those of the non-infected. She reports her findings to Daniel Salazar, who speaks about his mistrust of the government. Later, Travis sees signals from a house outside the Safe-Zone, and moments later sees gunfire as the survivor is shot dead by the National Guard.

Episode 5, "Cobalt"

Source: AMC
Source: AMC

It's revealed that Nick has been put in a holding cell at a military command post. There we are introduced to the mysterious Strand. At the medical ward of the same facility, Liza enquires about Nick and Griselda and learns that Griselda is recovering after a foot amputation, but is given no information on Nick.

At the Safe-Zone, the group starts demanding answers from the soldiers. Daniel Salazar takes Corporal Adams prisoner, and begins torturing him for answers about where Nick and Griselda are being held. Eventually Adams tells him that the military locked 2000 people inside an arena after they had become infected, and that "Cobalt" is the command code to start the military evacuation from the Los Angeles Basin, and humanely terminate the survivors inside. He tells Daniel that the evacuation will start at 9am the following morning.

Back at the command post Strand stops Nick from being taken away by bribing a guard and the two plan their escape. In the medical ward Griselda dies, and Liza learns from Dr. Exner that a traumatic brain injury is the only way to prevent reanimation.

After Daniel goes to the arena to confirm Adams story, he hears the noise of thousands of infected as they pound the doors, straining to get out.

Episode 6, "The Good Man"

Source: AMC
Source: AMC

Following the news of operation Cobalt, the group leave the Safe-Zone and head to the military compound where Daniel distracts the guards by unleashing a horde of zombies from the area. Daniel, Ofelia, Madison, Travis, Alicia and Chris make their way into the compound, and the adults head inside to search for Nick, Liza and Griselda, while Alicia and Chris wait in the car.

Hearing gunshots outside, Nick and Strand escape their holding pen with a plan to find "Abigail". Liza witnesses the horde of walkers viciously biting soldiers, and the fences collapsing, but still manages to escape back inside the compound. After a close call the whole group manages to find each other and the Salazar soon learn that Griselda has died. Strand tells the group that they should head to his house on the waterfront. They leave the city, driving along the river to avoid the chaos of the streets.

At his enormous house, Strand reveals to Nick that "Abigail" is actually a yacht, and his plan is to board the ship, and avoid the infected on land altogether. Meanwhile Liza hugs Chris and leaves the house, making her way to the beach. Madison and Travis follow her, and she reveals she was clawed by a walker and had been infected. After telling Travis that nothing can cure her, he takes a gun from her and shoots her, preventing her from an agonising death and reanimation. Hearing the gunshot, Chris finds his mother's body. The season ends with a distraught Travis dropping to his knees on the beach.

'Fear the Walking Dead' returns to screens with "Monster" on Sunday, April 10 on AMC

Will you be tuning in for Season 3 of 'Fear the Walking Dead'?

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