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The anime soon gained a loyal cult following after Season 1 was released, and in the years that followed it's become one of Japan's biggest franchises. With a live action movie, games, and multiple spin-off animes and comics, there's plenty to keep you busy if you're an Attack On Titan / Shingeki No Kyojin fan.

Updated 05/11/17:

The identities of the Colossal and Armored Titans have finally been revealed in a thrilling episode! But what does this mean for the rest of Season 2?

Just who are the mysterious Wall Cult in Attack On Titan? We've taken a crack at figuring it all out — keep your eye on those spoilerific end credits!

The first two episodes of Attack on Titan Season 2 may have finally been released, but this good news is tempered by the revelation that this long-awaited season will have only 12 episodes.

Just in case you can't read Japanese, this report comes to us via the official anime Twitter account, as they reported that Attack On Titan Season 2 will be released on Blu-Ray in two volumes — each containing six episodes. Fans soon deduced that this meant the entirety of Season 2 will only last 12 episodes, which naturally caused outrage. There is something rather ridiculous about the studio having only created 12 episodes in four years — which is three episodes per year — and yet it's worth noting that as a small studio that shot to fame thanks to their pioneering animation in Attack On Titan, this anime just doesn't have the budget of other popular Japanese shows.

Well, at least we have some episodes to watch before the next hiatus! Goodness knows how long that one will last...

Attack On Titan Trailer

Attack On Titan Season 2 premiered on April 1st, 2017. Previously, Funimation released a full length trailer with English subtitles.

"Titans have been protecting us from other Titans this entire time!"

This trailer teases many iconic moments fans will recognize from the Shingeki no Kyojin manga, as Eren and the rest of the Survey Corps as they journey beyond the city walls to discover the truth about the Titans — and Eren's past.

For beady eyed fans, there are many things of note in these trailers. We caught a glimpse of the Armored Titan and Eren (in his Titan form) going toe to toe, and it looks like things aren't going so well for Eren. The other characters in the Survey Corps are beset by Titans, but one small Titan in particular seems to be defending them. And we also saw Dot Pixis in his office, teasing the political coup plot that comprised much of the manga.

Why The Wait For Season 2?

The most common theory is that the Attack On Titan production company was waiting for more story material from the manga. In almost four years since the anime began, the manga hasn't really progressed much at all. There are two more story arcs published now, but seeing as the first season used four story arcs during its 25 episode run, this does seem to be the reason for the delay.

Mikasa discovers the titans in the walls. [Credit: Funimation]
Mikasa discovers the titans in the walls. [Credit: Funimation]

This is the conclusion many people have come to, and it seems to be corroborated by multiple reports on different websites. While the studio has not officially confirmed or denied that this is the reason for the long gap between seasons, this often happens with anime production.

Attack On Titan Season 2 Manga Spoilers

Hanji's hard at work finding the reason for the shocking revelation at the end of Season 1 — that the walls were actually made of dead Titans. If you've been following the manga then you'll have a pretty good idea of what Season 2 is going to be about.

Despite some rumors that the next season will deviate from the manga plotline, all evidence seems to suggest that the opposite is true. After all, if they were going to follow a new story (as in the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist anime), then why bother to wait for the manga to be released?

Mikasa's journey in season 2 will be awesome. [Credit: Funimation]
Mikasa's journey in season 2 will be awesome. [Credit: Funimation]

Of course, if you really want to find out what will happen in Season 2 you could always read up on the Attack On Titan wiki (which follows the manga rather than the show, so beware!), or just read the manga itself. But without spoiling too much, Season 2 of Attack On Titan promises to be just as exciting and intriguing as the first.

The political situation in Season 2 will be explored further, as the characters uncover a conspiracy that connects the government to the origins of the Titans themselves. Meanwhile, the fight against the Titans will extend outside the walls, as the characters journey across the countryside.

Season 2 will also step up the horror element. [Credit: Funimation]
Season 2 will also step up the horror element. [Credit: Funimation]

Some characters may not be who they seem, and if you somehow managed to avoid one of the biggest reveals in the manga (two words: Titan Shifters), then you're in for a great plot twist in Attack On Titan Season 2.

Attack On Titan Spinoff Shows & AMVs

Suffice to say, Attack On Titan Season 2 is going to be super awesome, and hopefully, well worth the four year wait. And in the meantime, there's plenty of games to tide us over, as well as Levi's own prequel anime.

Ever wonder about Levi's backstory? How he came to be the Titan-destroying neat-freak we know and love? Well, wonder no longer. Just after the No Regrets spin-off manga was published, an OVA adaptation was released. The story follows Levi's early days in the Underground District, as he worked with a gang of thieves.

With any luck, we'll see this plot alluded to, or even explored, now that Attack on Titan Season 2 has finally premiered.

Would you like to see Levi's backstory in Season 2?

[Credit: Funimation]
[Credit: Funimation]

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