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You are the Princess Shireen of the House Baratheon, and you are my daughter.
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It's kind of a ritual at this point: every three or four episodes, Game of Thrones does something truly sick to a character we love. I think of it as a test: how much torture can we withstand?

From Theon's castration to Sansa's sexual assault, from Tyrion being sentenced to death to, poor, lovely Princess Shireen being burned at the stake by Stannis, bad things happen to good people in this show. And we continue to watch anyway, because the furthest extremes of George R. R. Martin's hideous imagination are pure crack to the Game of Thrones fan.

With that in mind, let's look ahead to the horrors and tortures we can reasonably expect Season 6 to present when it begins later this month. Some clues taken from the trailer above and, obviously, spoilers ahead.

1. Ramsey's revenge

Ramsey Bolton is a sociopath, as if it needed saying, so Sansa (possibly the character who's come the furthest, growing from whiny Princess to headstrong schemer) made the right call when she chose to escape Winterfell.

Will Sansa and Theon escape with their lives?
Will Sansa and Theon escape with their lives?

But he's not about to forget about that. Clips of Sansa and Theon on the run suggest Ramsey will give immediate chase in the season premiere - but then he probably doesn't know the woods of Winterfell quite as well as Sansa. Will she escape, or will the Bolton bastard enact violent revenge?

2. What will the Dothraki do with Daenerys?

At the end of Season 5, after escaping dragonback on Drogon from the fighting pit, Daenerys found herself in the middle of nowhere with an exhausted, hungry dragon, no food and no protection. And then the Dothraki came.

What do the Dothraki have in mind for Dany?
What do the Dothraki have in mind for Dany?

Whilst Tyrion and Varys attempt to rule Meereen, the Mother of Dragons looks like she's in serious peril. And you only need to cast your mind back to her brother Viserys' iconic "golden crown" to remember how Dothraki punishment looks...

3. The Hound vs. The Mountain

The Mountain was the victor of the most brutal one-on-one Game of Thrones fight ever - I'm talking, obviously, about his shock defeat of Oberyn Martell during Tyrion's trial-by-combat.

After spending half a season working his dark magic on him, The Mountain just got resurrected into a super-soldier by Qyburn. If you're wondering how he could fight with a dead man, there are those who believe The Hound is not dead at all.

In the books (major spoiler ahead!), Septon Meribald, a man encountered by Brienne and rumored to have been cast in Season 6, basically implies that The Hound survived his death (we never saw it, which always sets the alarm ringing in Game of Thrones) and is now working incognito as a gravedigger at a monastery.

Given that the heavily-scarred Clegane has major beef with his brother, this fight is surely destined to happen - and when it does it will without question be the most brutal in the history of the show. I cannot bloody wait.

4. Myrcella comes home

This one won't be bloody-horrible so much as sad-horrible. Emotional torture, if you will, which is possibly the only thing this show does better than blood and gore. When Jamie returns to King's Landing with Myrcella in tow, Cersei will have to mourn yet another child, whilst also reeling from her walk of shame.

Not for the first time, Jaime loses a child
Not for the first time, Jaime loses a child

Sure, you could call it karma, but whatever your feelings on Cersei, there's never much joy to be had in a mother standing over the casket of her teenage child.

5. Bran meets the Night's King

Bran returns in Season 6 after being absent last time around. And honestly, I didn't miss him, but this shot from the trailer would suggest his storyline is about to hit accelerate...

Given that the Night's King is utterly f*cking terrifying (and just raised an army of several thousand from the dead) you'd have to say Bran Stark is seriously up shit creek - unless this has something to do with the three-eyed raven. Perhaps all is not as it seems...

6. Lyanna flashback

I saved the best for last. This one is totally unconfirmed, but pretty much anyone who's been staying on top of gossip from the set knows that scenes have been shot at something resembling the Tower of Joy - the very place at which Lyanna Stark gave birth to the child we know as Jon Snow, bastard of Winterfell. Allegedly.

Considering Lyanna died in childbirth, this flashback sequence is going to be intense, heartbreaking, and will probably change the entire course of Game of Thrones.

I'm so ready.


Which horrors are you most stoked for from season 6?


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