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A creatively minded Reddit user has a rather interesting theory that may just alter your perspective on the overlooked half of the brothers des Super.

Ever since the whole death stare debacle, I've had to reasses my opinion on Luigi - those cold, lifeless eyes must hide some dark secrets Nintendo isn't telling us about. Secrets, like the fact that the green-hatted plumber is the one who, contrary to popular belief, holds all the power...

The somewhat disconcerting fan theory goes like this:

It's pretty much well known about how Luigi is cowardly, and he lives in his brother's shadow due to his low self esteem and cowardly nature. Though, if you look at his role in the games, you see that he is more powerful and dangerous than we initially believe, and he only has one fear.

That fear, of course, being ghosts.

And it's a weakness that could prove disastrous.

The reason behind that is because ghosts have been known to have the ability to possess living beings (Cackletta once possessed Bowser in Superstar Saga) and if one possessed him, the damage could be catastrophic.

But what of these untold powers?

What could happen if Luigi's dark gifts were placed in the wrong hands?

In Super Paper Mario it is implied that Luigi is the reincarnation of Count Bleck's Great Grandfather, and thus the perfect host for the Chaos Heart, an artifact that was capable of destroying every world in existence. In Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door, Luigi had a side story that carved a path of destruction across the kingdom he was adventuring in.

In Dream Team, we see that Luigi is the only person capable of creating a way to the dream world. The list of powers Luigi has keeps going.

Luigi's supernatural gifts are rather remarkable, which makes Mario all the more necessary, taking the role of a level-headed bro who can keep an eye on his sibling.

Mario is the polar opposite of Luigi: a mortal man without any notable powers.

By staying next to his brother, Luigi can make sure that if one of his many odd powers goes out of control, or he turns evil, Mario will be close enough to stop him and limit the damage.

Luigi is afraid of hurting people due to his many strange powers, and stays nearby Mario to make sure Mario minimizes damages he causes.

Of course, this all speculation, but I think it adds an extra, slightly sinister power-dynamic to this superpowered duo. But what fo you think?

Is Luigi the more powerful brother?

[Source: Reddit]


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