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Gymkhana (Jim-Kah-Nuh). It looks and sounds like a weird word, but it's a fun one to say out loud. Try saying it five times a row and you'll see where I'm getting at.

Aside from the funny word, Gymkhana is also the name of the motorsport that's been turning heads the last few years and we have professional driver Ken Block to thank for that.

Ken Block is a professional rally driver, who happens to also be one of DC Shoes co-founders. So you know extreme sports in his blood and his is drifting, circa. 2008.

The first one was released as a practice run, using a 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STi, and introduced the world to Gymkhana.

The year after, Block released Gymkhana Two, working much like an advert for his own brand, as well as Monster Energy. A new life was given, with cinematography being a priority. With slo-mo repeats of some sick moves, you won't find better driving skills anywhere else.

In 2010, Block took his skills to France, this time with his iconic car choice, a 2011 Ford Fiesta, specially prepped for him.

On a track that was built in 1924, those forefathers had no idea their track was going to be used for this madness.

With an even higher production value, Gymkhana Four was shot at Universal Studios in California, passing through many iconic settings in film history. Oh, and it was shot over the course of five days. By far the most entertaining of them all.

I only caught on these videos in 2012, when Gymkhana Five was released in 2012. It showed ambition and it was like nothing I had ever seen. In this case, they closed down San Francisco, city known and loved for it's car chases. And Ken Block destroys it.

With a new car, a Ford Fiesta ST RX43, Need For Speed racing advisor Ken Block went back to basics and did an obstacle course. Exciting? Sure. But we've seen better!

With the previous video being more of a promotional video, Block went back to what he did best and brought a new toy: a Custom 1965 Ford Mustang, the only all-wheel drive performance Mustang, that packs a punch: 845 horsepower.
Then it's unleashed into the Los Angeles. Lord have mercy!

Ambition is word in Block's dictionary. You've seen how far he's come since 2008 and earlier this year, it culminated in probably his most amazing Gymkhana challenge: Dubai.

Know for it's wealth, girls and fast cars, Block goes back to his Fiesta RX43 and proves that you don't need an exotic to be amazing in this city. Oh, and beware of the police, they've got Lambos, Porsches, Mercedes, Bugattis and Audis in their garage.

Gymkhana Nine is teased to come out later this year, with a Ford Focus being the vehicle of choice, but until then, feast your eyes on these and get your fix with this series!


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