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Spider-Man, one of my favorite Super Heroes of all time, should be easily translatable on the big screen, but for some reason they haven't been able to quite get it right. There most valiant effort came in the form of Spider-Man 2 which not only stands as the best Spider-Man film to date, but one of the very best Super Hero films of all-time. At least we got one great film out of the batch to hold onto after the ferocious level of SuckAss we received from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Honestly, I didn't think the character would be able to recover from such a devastating depiction, much similar to George Clooney's Batman, but Tom Holland may be able to save our favorite web-crawler much like Christian Bale did for the Bat.

With the new film already slated to come out next year one of the biggest challenges I feel they will face is casting a suitable villain that brings something fresh to the mold that we haven't seen already. Out of the countless list of villains there is just one that I would love to see go toe-to-toe with Spidey and that is The Kingpin. And not just any Kingpin, but Vincent Vincent D'onofrio's interpretation of Wilson Fisk from the Daredevil series. Don't pull a DC move and introduce a brand new actor to the fold like they did with The Flash, stick to the script and tie the television series into the MCU.

Half the battle is already one as he is already an established character so there is no need to get into the backstory beyond maybe a small clip here or there. I'm tired of seeing how the lead antagonist was created, no one cares. He's bad, he may have super powers, then so be it, no one gives a flying sack of donkey nuts how he got them or what warped his mind.

With that being said, not every Super Hero needs a "Super" villain to square off with. It's been done before and it's quite expected that our hero will face off with a formidable foe that has powers equal to or greater than his, but that doesn't always present the best possible scenario. Quite frankly, I'm tired of that formula and would like to see him battle a deadly foe that isn't blessed with superhuman gifts yet can bring forth a plethora of problems that our hero has never faced before.

Wilson Fisk is a huge crime boss with unlimited ties to the underworld, crooked cops, politicians, you name it. The Kingpin is capable of turning the entire city against Spider-Man. It's one thing for Spidey to face off with random criminals from time to time, but to have an entire mob-like syndicate out to kill him can pose an exhaustive task for a teenager just becoming familiar with his abilities. Not to mention the mental stress Spidey would have have to endure from a city blindly hating him. The Kingpin is fully capable of making this happen. With a powerful boss like Fisk running the show it also opens the door for lesser villains to do battle with Spider-Man. I would love to see Fisk introduce a character like The Shocker to wreak havoc in Spider-Man's life all while being a decoy for the man pulling the strings behind the scenes. Then, if they really must have that final showdown between hero and villain, Kingpin is such a physical beast of violence it would make for one hell of a show to watch Spider-Man literally get his ass handed to him by a regular guy. Then, maybe with some extreme wishful thinking, we can have a true crossover with Daredevil showing up to lend a hand to our outmatched hero. It has to happen, the shows and MCU need to come together, and what better opportunity than this.

Vincent D'onofrio was menacing as The Kingpin
Vincent D'onofrio was menacing as The Kingpin

Good writers and a perfect depiction of Spider-Man aside, the inclusion of a solid villain will be crucial to the success of the next film being released. Vincent D'onofrio's portrayal of Wilson Fisk would lend the right kind of crazy, the right kind of scary, backed by his masterful acting skills to the film. The only problem casting him would potentially cause would be his ability to steal the show. Every second he spent on screen during Daredevil, he owned it, snatching the thunder all around. I know I found myself almost forgetting about Daredevil awaiting the return of Wilson Fisk. This wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing as many great films, including The Dark Knight, had the villain taking center stage.

The next step in creating a solid Spider-Man film would to be to focus on Peter Parker trying to survive high school and heroism without the center plot revolving around his love interest. They tried to show this aspect but it was always overshadowed by him chasing after the girl. We had Mary Jane, we had Gwen Stacey, possibly including them for small cameo roles would be cool, but the full-on supporting roles would prove to be a topic that has already been beaten stiff. Rehashing this would be just as bad as the retelling of his origin story. And please, for the love of God, lets avoid the origin story at all costs, not even as part of a flash back. Don't even speak about it on film. Everyone in existence, even the unborn babies of the future are well aware of how Spider-Man came to be.

This may be a personal thing, but i'm sure many others will agree with me on this one. May the Earth swallow the entire MCU whole if they include anything involving Norman or Harry Osborn...I don't even want to see Harry as a High School friend. The Goblin and all associated with him is DEAD. Both the Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man films made sure of that by mutilating those characters beyond believe to where any attempt to revisit would lead to pain and misery.

You can't replicate this costume on screen?
You can't replicate this costume on screen?

Excuse my while I let my uber-fanboy nitpickiness run wild for a moment, but can we get the damn costume right for once?!? Is it really that difficult? The little glimpse of the suit from the Civil War trailer is the most impressive thus far, but it's still not quite the spider costume we were given in the comics. Deadpool got it right so i'm sure there is at least one costume designer capable of pulling it off for the upcoming film.

The last few installments of Spider-Man depressed me immensely and I'll have to wait until the Civil War hits the theaters to see if they have finally done some justice to one of our most beloved characters. I have a feeling they have heard our cries and we are in for a treat.

I believe in you Tom.
I believe in you Tom.

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