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Things are heating up for Captain America: Civil War. A new on-set video provided by ABC's Good Morning America revealed some cool footage of the cast and crew making the magic happen, along with some choice quotes sure to get Marvel fans excited for what's to come.

Civil War is an ideological clash between factions led by Captain America and Iron Man, each with their own super allies. How things will play out remains to be seen, but Robert Downey Jr. is confident that audiences we'll be surprised. He told GMA:

"I really do have a strangely serious investment in these films. It's not going to be entirely predictable, characters are going to make choices that surprise you."

Co-director Joe Russo added:

"Downey is playing a much darker version of Tony Stark than he's ever played and he's just crushing it."

Check out the full video below for some behind-the-scenes clips and more with Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Chadwick Boseman, Anthony Mackie, Jeremy Renner, Emily VanCamp and Elizabeth Olsen.

Surprisingly, there's nary a mention of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Once again, check out his clip from the trailer, just in case you forgot how rad it is:

'Captain America: Civil War' hits theaters on May 6.

Source: Good Morning America


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