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I've been crumbling with ideas
Lapiz Creep

So, it's confirmed that there'll be more batman movies and I started thinking to myself: what if I had the power to make a batman movie?! I decided to think about it and here are my results:

The Bat

So, the villian is of course, the one and only Joker. The film would start with Bruce Wayne losing his parents and training by the years. Then it becomes nowadays and Batman is pursuing some criminals wearing strange masks that lead him to an abandoned factory. There the Caped Crusader meets Joker who infront of him interrogates an unknown hostage and then kills him. Batman frees himself but Joker manages to escape with his helicopter. Batman returns to Wayne Manor and sees on the TV how Joker interrogates the mayor. Batman rushes to capture Joker but it's already too late: the mayor lies dead with a grim on his face and Joker laughing beside him. The battle moves to hand to hand combat and it turns out that Joker is pretty strong and beats up Batman. The Bat returns to his home and starts training and building up the batmobile. He then sees that the Joker is going to blow up Eastern Gotham and hops on the Batmobile. When he arrives at the crimescene the Joker tries to escape again with his helicopter but batman ultimately beats him up and sends him to arkaham asylum. The end is how Bruce Wayne is looking at the old family pictures and thinking how proud his parents would be.

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