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With Captain America: Civil War near, the hot and humid days are over.

Perfect for a nice and cool day
Perfect for a nice and cool day

Thanks to Info Think you can now buy a Captain America themed mini fan. The fan is type of an old-school propeller. It resembles the Cap's shield.

The USB powered fan will be shipping in Mid-April, and can be pre-ordered here for $66.00.


  • Captain America's shield elements design for fan with elegant metal handle
  • Adjustable for multi-angles of wind direction
  • High-efficacy motor with quietly sound
  • Retro propeller design
  • MARVEL official authorized
  • USB 5V electricity saving design
  • Apply Power Bank for outdoor used
  • Cable Length: 100cm
  • Dimension: 100 x 100 x 146mm
  • Weight: 100g

How'd you like the fan (tell in the comments)

Captain America: Civil War releases on May 6, 2016



Whose side are you on?


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