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I'm a gigantic Harry Potter fan, and if I had the skills, knowledge or time, I would build my very own flying Ford Anglia. Instead, as is true of Slytherin fashion, I'm waiting until I'm rich enough to hire someone with the skills to do it for me.

Until then, I'll settle for my Toyota Corolla.

One supreme Star Wars fan built a life-size AT-ST (also known as an All Terrain Scout Transport) from Return of the Jedi in his very own backyard.

Check out this video of the custom AT-ST with a video created by Mr. Kernish:

Just to clarify, Mr. Kernish didn't create this AT-ST; he is actually a fan who posted photos online after spotting it while working nearby. He then approached the creator, who wishes not to be identified.

Known as "Kuat," the creator's nickname stems from the planet where the Galactic Empire produces most of its vehicles. That's some true nerd knowledge right there. I'm impressed.

The video showcases the AT-ST's features, including moving turrets and laser sounds. You can also find solar panels on the top, which actually power the machine. Inside is a bunch of circuitry, red light bulbs and a lightsaber. Kuat also made a custom plate that reads "Tempest Scout 2," which is the exact AT-ST that Chewbacca steals during the Battle of Endor.

The most impressive fact is that Kuat didn't work on this project for attention — he did it for himself. Who knows? Perhaps he'll blow our minds and create a life-size Death Star next!

[Source: The Verge]


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