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Warning: This post contains SPOILERS for Star Wars Rebels Season 2

For those of you who have watched the finale for the second season of Star Wars Rebels, Dave Filoni has gifted us with another cliffhanger of sorts, related to the fate of Ahsoka Tano. After the long awaited battle between Vader and Ahsoka we are left with the images of a limping Vader leaving the Sith Temple and an image of Ahsoka descending into it. This vague ending have left many fans debating whether or not Ahsoka survived the encounter.

My guess is that she did not, and despite having grown to love the character, I think it's for the best.

In "Secrets of Chopper Base" as Ezra is lying down staring up into the sky we see the Convoree right before Ahsoka appears standing above him. In the season finale we again see the Convoree after the shot of Ahsoka descending into the depths of the Sith temple. In a recent IGN interview Filoni states:

You know me by now – it’s not accidental that this thing is flying around. It’s not accidental that it’s there, and it’s not accidental that it’s bizarrely on this completely different world at the end of that episode. It definitely has a meaning for me, as the storyteller. It’s a subtle thing that if you know what the owl represents, then it deepens the lore of the whole thing

Despite its name, the Convoree is clearly meant to resemble an owl. In many ancient civilizations the owl was associated with wisdom, and in ancient Greece with the Goddess Athena who we could argue draws parallels to Ahsoka herself. But the more important association found in Old English mythology as well as others, is the association of the owl as a harbinger of death. I believe that this is the symbolism Filoni was going for and the final shot of Ahsoka --while not necessarily a Force ghost, but perhaps a manifestation such as we saw earlier in the season with the Inquisitor at the Jedi Temple on Lothal -- descending symbolically into the underworld.

With that speculation out of the way, I truly hope that Ahsoka has finally met her end. Given how we've seen her character grow I could not think of a more fitting end to her story. My main concern with Rebels over all is that it is considered canon. The idea of Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka (not to mention Maul), potentially being alive during, or even a year or two before A New Hope, to me creates significant problems.

For example, this season we saw on "A Princess on Lothal" Kanan and Ezra display their powers in front of Princess Leia. Yet only five to four years later we are supposed to believe that she inhabits a galaxy where the Jedi have been reduced to mere myth. I know some have argued that Ahsoka can continue to live and not contradict Luke being the "Last of the Jedi" because she doesn't consider herself one. But let's be honest, that line of thinking undercuts the importance of Luke, his mission to stop Vader and the Emperor, and the need to restore the Jedi. Luke cannot truly be the new hope, if there's technically a few other hopes still gallivanting around the galaxy.

As much as I love the Rebels characters, much as Harrison Ford has said about Han, they need to add emotional wait to the Star Wars lore, but more importantly support the sense of urgency surrounding Luke once the OT time line kicks in. In Rebels, Ahsoka has really been the best hope for the rebellion and for Kanan and Ezra. Because of the shows popularity I can see the temptation to stretch out the stories as much as possible, which would be great if it were reclassified as legends.

In my view, Ahsoka should go down attempting to save the Galaxy by fighting, and yes dying, to avenge Anakin Skywalker. Pushing Vader deeper into the darkside and convincing him that all his supposed ties to Anakin have been eliminated. If she truly has met her end, it certainly had emotional weight and it would be the best ending possible for her character than letting her live to either continue a fight we know she'll never win, or worse yet leaving the fight altogether which is counter to what we know about her as a character.

What do you think? Should Ahsoka live and if so what's next for her journey?


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