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Just as reports were coming out saying Warner Bros. was going to release less films because of the box-office drop of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, they just showed us they really have confidence in their DC Extended Universe.

According to, they have pushed up the release for the Wonder Woman movie to June 2nd, 2017 from its original date June 23rd, 2017. The film is being directed by Patty Jenkins and is starring Gal Gadot as the Amazon. Given the positive reception from her first appearance, this is good news for fans.

The most interesting part however, is the fact that WB has also announced two more DC films, that being said neither one of them have a title yet. The first being slated for October 5th, 2018 and the second November 1st, 2019.

While we don't know what they are, my educated guess would be that one is a solo Batman film starring Ben Affleck (especially since he is being hailed as one of the best elements of BvS and has already written a script for one.)

The second a sequel to the upcoming Suicide Squad, as as report came out a couple of months ago saying that they were already fast-tracking for a sequel.

However those are my thoughts, comment below what you think (or hope) the two untitled movies are and also let me know if you're excited for the Wonder Woman movie.


Are you excited for more DC films?


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