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Vinegar Syndrome is proud to announce the April 26th Blu-ray debut of the 1975 cult classic, “Dolemite,” starring Rudy Ray Moore as the baddest pimp of all, fighting corruption with the help of his all girl, Kung-Fu fighting army, to save his club, The Total Experience. Newly restored from the long lost 35mm negative, this upcoming Blu-ray will allow fans to appreciate “Dolemite” in a way unable to be experienced since its original release over 40 years ago.

Featured extras will include a new documentary, directed by Elijah Drenner (“American Grindhouse”), about the making of the film, featuring in-depth interviews with surviving cast and crew, as well as archival interviews with Moore and others. Also included will be a historical commentary track recorded by Moore’s biographer, Mark Murray, along with the film’s iconic theatrical trailer and more!

Following the release of “Dolemite,” Vinegar Syndrome will be bringing its outrageous 1976 sequel, “The Human Tornado” to Blu-ray (May 2016), along with Moore’s 1977 horror-comedy “Petey Wheatstraw” (June 2016) and finally his 1979 absurdist classic, “Disco Godfather” (July 2016)! “Dolemite” will also be returning to the big screen throughout April and May, including a tour at select Alamo Drafthouse locations, after its restoration premiere at Los Angeles’ famous Egyptian Theatre on April 8th.

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Available on Blu-ray & DVD April 26th

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