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Oh yes the time of superheroes is at the peak of it's popularity. There are two superhero movies that haven't really seen it's time on the big screen yet but they are now. There have been rumors and hints but get ready for these two iconic superheroes to have their own movie with confirmed dates.


This bad-ass is part of the Valiant comics collection and is about a man that is created to be a perfect soldier which wipes his memory clean. After gaining his humanity he decides to go after the people that turned him into a walking killing machine. This comic book masterpiece will be setting the big screen in 2017 sure to have an all out cast. Get excited for this gritty, bloody, fun hell of a ride.

Captain Underpants

Yes...Captain Underpants; the children reading book about a superhero that saves the school and countless lives just in his underwear. Captain Underpants will be voiced by Ed Helms and have funny man Kevin Hart as one of the students that hypnotize his principle to become Captain Underpants. Sure to be full of laughs due to the high amount of comic actors that are working on this project; Captain Underpants will be a must see for the readers in all of us. This film will be released January 13th, 2017.


There are many DC and Marvel movies that have a date but are just reveled as mystery projects. Fans are dying to know what these are so keep an eye out so we can figure this crap out!

Are you excited for these two superhero movies? Do you have a feeling what the mystery films are?

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