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I've been watching movies all my life. But it was at the age of 3 that I watched my very first Hollywood Blockbuster, Titanic. Having a VCR

The recent Captain America: Civil War trailer features a 8 second clip right at the end, introducing Spiderman, who we can infer is on Team Ironman. But, have we had enough of our friendly neighbourhood hero?

Although there are no doubts that Civil War has been hyped so much by this new characters introduction into the Marvel Avengers franchise, do the fans want to see another person play Peter Parker for the 3rd time?

Personally, I believe they should have stopped with Tobey Maguire at Spiderman 3, he played Peter Parker perfectly, he fit the character so well in my opinion, they really told the story well. The Amazing Spiderman, starring British actor, Andrew Garfield, showed us a younger Spiderman, (he looked a lot younger than Tobey.) which is how he is pretty much portrayed in many comics as well as animated TV Shows on Disney. I did enjoy it, more than I thought I would.

Spiderman (2002) - Sami Raimi.
Spiderman (2002) - Sami Raimi.

What Sami Raimi's Spiderman did was systemically tell us the story of Peter Parker, showing us Uncle Ben's death, how he lived after that with Aunt May, and ultimately how he became Spiderman. Within these 3 movies, we see a range of Spiderman's greatest foes: Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Venom and Sandman. What I particularly liked about this trilogy was the corruption of Spiderman with venom in the 3rd instalment. The black suit, the cocky, arrogant, anger fuelled traits it gave Peter Parker in his day to day life. To me, while presenting a darker side of the superhero, it allowed me to actually understand Venom and what its purpose was. (Not a comic book person. Guilty!) Also you've got to love the trio of Peter, Mary- Jane and Harry, they really expressed the friendship between the three, and how that changed as they grew up. Harry's overwhelming obsession with Spiderman because of the death of his Father. Hell! they even threw Gwen in there. These movies really introduced me to a whole new world and I think it was done brilliantly.

The Amazing Spiderman (2012) - Marc Webb
The Amazing Spiderman (2012) - Marc Webb

After Spiderman 3 (2007) was confirmed as the last one with Tobey Maguire, the news of a Spiderman remake obviously got fans attentions. New cast, new title (The Amazing Spiderman) fans really wanted to see what this version would have to offer, and undoubtedly it was compared to the trilogy that most of us knew. some preferred the new version, some preferred the old, but what I liked about The Amazing Spiderman was that instead of going down the same route as the previous made Spiderman, they introduced other villains, instead of showing the same one, Although Green Goblin is featured. The first movie featured The Lizard, as well as being mixed up in Peters parents, the reason/cause of their death and of course once again the death of poor old Uncle Ben.

There is no doubt that Andrew Garfield looks more like the comic version of Peter Parker in high school. I liked how they did a pre Mary-Jane era of Peters life, and filled that romantic interest with Gwen Stacy. Although like many femme fatales she was equally as annoying and getting herself in danger. Spiderman to the rescue!

The Amazing Spiderman 2, (2014) - Marc Webb
The Amazing Spiderman 2, (2014) - Marc Webb

Jamie Foxx as Electro was by far my favourite thing from this version of Spiderman, his character was great you just hated to love him. He was such a badass, all that power and he's still making music with those big metal drums. What this franchise had to offer was a more comic version of Spiderman, the humour was on point too.

So with 5 Spiderman movies in our back pockets, do we really need any more? I don't mind Tom Holland playing Spiderman, as long as its only in anything Avengers related. I think it would be a bad idea to branch him off and make more Spiderman films, which will more than likely tell the exact same story as these two versions have told. I really don't want to see Uncle Ben die for the 3rd time. I've seen Uncle Ben die too many times already, I feel like he's my own uncle! Also, I'm sure Spiderman has many villains he's gone up against, but more than likely they would include Green Goblin again, as well as maybe Venom? But you get the point that it will be repetitive.

I am excited for Civil War, and I wont lie I did get excited to see Spiderman being included with the Avengers, mainly because of all the memes about Spiderman being left out. But creating more movies that are about Spiderman and his life and his transition into become the friendly neighbourhood hero isn't something I want to see again. I mean if I wanted to see that I'd watch the other 5 Spiderman movies already out there.

No disrespect to Tom Holland, I'm sure he will make a great Spiderman, but I think I speak for a lot of people when I say we really don't need another Spiderman movie!

What do you think?


Should Marvel give Spiderman his own movie after Civil War?


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