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people often talks about supervillains and really don't even know their origins, so today im going to talk about some supervillain's origins.

1)Doomsday: it is an ultimate creature made of pure hate. This creature was made by a Kryptonian scientist named Bertron.first, Bertron released a humanoid baby that was born in vitro, he died by the hard environment. this baby's remains were collected and were used to clone a stronger one. that clone evolved and became full of hatred and it was a great danger to Krypton. it returned to krypton then killed his creator (Bertron). Doomsday was sent off to space due to an explosion in a rocket.

2)Apocalypse: En Sabah Nur also known as apocalypse is an immortal mutant; the first of all time. Apocalypse was born 5000 years ago in a village called Aquaba. people rejected him because of his grey skin and blue lips. time passed, Apocalypse grew up and loved a girl named Nephri ; but she rejected him for his skin color too! Apocalypse was heartbroken and mad. He had three principles: " growth,judgment,destruction".

3) Darkseid:son of Yuga Khan,born at a planet named Apokolips, Prince Uxas killed his brother Drax who attempted to claim the Omega Force and took the power for himself results to be transformed into a rock-like creaturez. he fell in love with an apokoliptonian scientist and sorceress named Suli with whom he had a son ,Kaliback, Suli was poisoned. Darkseid's heart grew colder and colder. when he became the supreme monarch of Apokolips his mother forced him to marry Tigra with whom he had a second son.


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