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There have been many theories and speculations of character death's in the upcoming film, [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). So let's review who could die, and why.

First, let's start with some characters we can rule out right away. I think it is safe to say that Spider-man, Ant Man, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Black Widow, and Black Panther are going to live. We haven't really seen too much of Scarlet Witch, and Ant Man is a new character to Marvel films, so I don't think either of those characters will be killed off. Black Panther is also a new character making his first movie appearance, and we know he's safe because he's going to have his own movie within the next 3 years. Vision is a little tricky, but not much. We only see one scene of him fighting Scarlet Witch, but could that be his death scene? Could Scarlet Witch kill him off, or maybe Vision kill Scarlet later on? Both of these theories are possible but probably unlikely due to the newness of characters, and I don't think any of these characters would be best to kill off.

Now, let's focus on some of the major characters of this film. Tony for starters has more of a chance to die than most of the characters. His contract is almost up, so Marvel could give him the boot in this film, but I think they will want to keep him around at least until the next Avenger's come's rolling around. Iron man is somewhat undecided as to whether he is going to die or not, but I'm leaning towards him living.

Let's move to Captain America and his friend, Bucky Barnes. Captain America is not likely to bite the dust in his own film, especially since his contract tells us he has a sixth movie coming, which is most likely the next Avenger's. Bucky on the other hand has a longer contract then most, so he will probably stay in because of that, but let's not forget that Black Panther has some major beef with Bucky since he blame's the death of his father on Bucky (and I would too). Plus, if he is the one who shot down War Machine, and potentially killed him, he would have Iron man and Black Panther majorly pissed off at him. Which leads me to the next character...

Rhodes. Is he really dead in the trailer? My guess is no. It is very unlikely that Marvel would reveal a major character death in a trailer, so he is most likely very injured. We can't rule out the fact that he could be dead though, since his "death" could be after the airport battle, since we see the airport smoking in the background. I don't think he will be killed off though.

The final character we need to cover is the character who I think has the best chance of dying in the film, Hawkeye. Hawkeye has always been a weak link on the Avenger's maybe the weakest, and he's already had his chance to walk away from combat and go home to his family. But now that he has returned to the battlefield once more, I don't think he's going to make it. PLUS, his contract is four films and this film would make his fourth, so I think Marvel will kill him off. It would make the most sense to me, and maybe his death could bring the two sides back together again.


Who do you think will die?

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