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SPOILERS. If you haven't seen the season 6 finale for The Walking Dead, you should not be here. Please leave now. You have been warned.

Glenn was the boy in the baseball cap who helped Rick get out the tank in season 1 of the walking dead. Since then he has captured our heart with his wits, his charm, and his love story with Maggie. Last Sunday our love for Glenn may have been shattered. Let's look at the evidence for why I think it's Glenn.

  • Glenn is the only one in the show to every really wear a baseball cap. Sure there is that guy from Terminus, however, Glenn has his at the beginning, and it would be a nice throw back to the first season.
  • Glenn sits with a baseball bat in Season 6. Earlier in the season Glenn is seen sitting with a baseball bat.
  • Glenn is the only one to see the head bashed pictures in Negan's satellite outpost. This one is the most compelling. It happened recently, and is still fresh in his mind as he is sitting in front of Negan.

Graphic Image. Incoming!

This is a lot of foreshadowing, and have it all put into place so that we can figure it out. I personally don't want it to be Glenn. I would rather have it be Daryl as it will be more fitting for his character to die this way.

Killing Glenn will have the second most emotional impact on the show aside from the death of Daryl Dixon (If that ever happens - who knows). It's going to drive Maggie to the brink of madness, and it will create a whole new dynamic for the group. We will just have to wait until October to find out what actually happened.


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