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That's right, you read that correctly. I want to know if the Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) from the tv show, could be beaten by a your average guy. Of course as Arrow is human it follows a human can beat him, however for a normal person this seems impossible.... until we bring technology into the mix. Let's divide this into multiple stages of arrow's strengths and how they can be combated and beaten.

1: Actual strength. Let's face it, Oliver is ripped, and there is no getting around that, but to combat it I present to you the hulc. The Hulc is not our beloved marvel character but rather an exoskeleton developed to handle much higher weight than the average human can handle. That along with other exoskeleton parts such as a jetpack (yes they can be practical) and exolegs for running.

2: Weapons. Oliver was once a billionaire and once felicity took over Palmer tech, he continued to be a billionaire, so it makes sense he would have a huge arsenal of weapons. He is also a up close martial artist which makes him dangerous if he gets close. While in the tv show guns seem to loose their "oomf" they are an effective weapon regardless and something like an ak47 would be useful since they effectively never jam. A Kevlar/oobleck/titanium plated body armor with a full head mask would be recommended for protection. If you can be made nearly indestructible someone with training is not a big threat. Traps such as claymores could also be useful.

3: Knowledge: Oliver can be smart and a good strategist but his emotions control him. To finish off this list we simply create an old school electricity trap for him by kidnapping someone he knows. It may be fighting dirty, but it's what it takes to win. Simply get some tesla coils going and some water dripping from the ceiling and ZAP! Refer simply to his first two weaknesses if that doesn't work immediately however this should be used to finish the battle in an awesome way.

So there you go, you sir/mam, have beaten Oliver Queen. Keep in mind this article is just for fun and not meant to be taken seriously, arrow is awesome and impossible to beat.


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