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You can now watch how Disney’s latest big money film was made! The filmmakers Natalie Osma and Kristofer Rios were given the permission to the Zootopia crew over a two-year period. This then allowed them to make a short documentary of all the turns and twists of the magnificent filmmaking progress.

You can watch the full forty seven minute documentary on YouTube. It is linked at the end of this article.

The filmmakers didn’t even attempt to capture every single aspect of the production. But Osma and Rios had spent much of their time recording ups and downs of the evolution of Zootopia. They chose a fantastic area to make a documentary on. This is because the story to Zootopia had suddenly changed dramatically over the course of the production.

The story initially had revolved around Nick rather than Judy. The fragile peace between prey and predator existed only because the latter had to wear shock collars. The documentary “Imagining Zootopia” goes rinto depth about the earlier versions to what actually appears in the final production.

Zootopia is currently heading to smash the $800M mark as we speak. So far it is the biggest worldwide grosser of 2016. Zootopia is the 2nd biggest Walt Disney Animation Studios release of all time! This is after ‘Frozen’. If you haven’t yet watched it, I recommend that you do! It’s fun for all the family.

Watch the full documentary here:


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