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I just saw this movie on Netflix yesterday. There are going to be lots of spoilers in this post because I figure everybody has seen this movie already anyway. And if you haven't seen it yet, then don't read this - duh.

I liked just about everything in this movie. The location/house was amazing. And the forest and exteriors around the house were beautiful. It looked like a lot of care was taken to set the tone and feel of the story by finding and using the location. I don't know how much CGI was used for the exteriors, but it looked so perfect, you have to wonder if it was really all real. And you know...that guy is never going to get out of that house. He's going to die a terrible, long death in a dark room with no way to survive. Wonderfully creepy.

The acting in this movie was great. I did get kind of tired of Ava's one-note countenance, but then, she's a robot. That's obvious from the start, no spoiler there. The FX done on her was so imaginative and engrossing for me. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her inner workings in her arms and legs. Still, if she has been given the ability to feel, then maybe she could have expressed herself a little more openly at times. The whole, I'm a robot with a straight face thing has gotten old. Trite and uninspired performance. But the two guys were strong and constantly interesting. I don't know if the director told the actress to 'play' it the way she did, or whether that's what she brought to the table and he just let it ride. I'm just sayin', it's old.

Artificial intelligence is a fascinating subject. I liked the way this script attacked the concept of what would happen if machines really began to generate it past human understanding. Lots of movies have been made about it, but this one is my favorite. At one point the creator talks about how machines with developed intelligence will look back at the history of humans as we look at dinosaurs now. They will see that we roamed and ruined the earth with untamed stupidity. That's just the gist of what he said, I don't remember it exactly. Because of this concept and the way the actor meant it so vehemently, you seriously don't want Ava to get out of that house at the end.

That was weird the way the robots killed the creator. The way the knives went into him so smoothly was interesting. But I couldn't stop thinking that his reaction to these stabs would have been more instinctively 'knee-jerk.' That made me 'think' and leave the world of the story for a while. Again with the direction? A director's choice?

Some of the scenes went on for a little too long for me. I was ready for things to move forward when Ava went into the robot storage unit and put on skin and the dress. I was getting antsy... Was she going to save the red-headed Howdy Doody? Logical that she wouldn't. Her first sojourn into the outside world was uneventful even though her real desire was to watch people at an intersection in a city. Still, wouldn't artificial intelligence be gobsmacked by the wonders of the smells and tactile feel of the world? She could feel things. That was established by the whole vajayjay speech.

Anyway, this is a very intelligent movie and I liked it. You movie buffs know the names of the actors and above-the-line, so I didn't take the time to go to IMDB and write them down. This is a more general outlook on things.


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