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With only a month left to go exactly for the amazing-looking [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) to come out, everybody is getting pumped and arguing on what side to choose! Well these scenarios on who might be fighting who in the big fight scene near the end of the trailer might help you decide!

After lots of speculation and watching three to four or some what trailers, me and some others put together some theories what what fights may occur between to when it comes to one-on-ones!

First off: Black Panther vs The Winter Soldier.

After watching the trailers (which I'm sure we all binge watched lol), we can all agree the both of them do not get along, from the highway scene, to the rooftop to the, what appears to be Wakanda, they always beat the crap out of each other. But who would get on top and win? Well the Panther has the agility of a...panther, razor claws and his suit. Winter soldier has his side-arm and his metal arm, so strength is definitely on his side, but unfortunately I'm pretty sure Black Panther wins this round.

Next up: Black Widow vs Hawkeye.

I know right?! They're basically best friends! But who would beat the other into the dirt you ask? Well consider that Black Widow has amazing agility and can bring down Hawkeye using only her legs. She also has side-arms and duel taser rods. She could definitely beat Hawkeye in a close quarters match due to her exceeding in the area, and also him having to depend on his bow. Hawkeye himself only has that and possible side-arms. Neither of them obviously have any "powers" but Natasha Romanov has more to bring to the table. I'd have to go with my heart and also thee facts when I say Black Widow wins this round.

Third time's the charm? Falcon vs War Machine.

THIS one! This one is interesting! Both don't have "powers" again so to speak, but oh boy they're almost the same person: main protagonist's flying companion with a lot of firepower XD. They both have flight, but Falcon only have duel-wielding sub-machine guns but War Machine has the advantage with firepower due to his shoulder cannon and machine guns as well! Now I could go with my gut here and say War Machine would win, but than again in the trailer, he gets shout of the sky and possibly, ends up dead or near it. Now since he gets taken out with a weird sort of red lazer, I'm pretty sure the shooter wasn't Hawkeye, but between the two of them? War Machine would get dealt the better hand.

Next up on da list: Ant-Man vs SpiderMan.

Now, what's a spider's web without a few bugs in it am I right? Spiderman would definitely win this round if it wasn't for one "big" problem: Ant-Man may not be so ant sized anymore... Other writers have expressed that Ant-Man will be able to GROW! That's right! Ant-Man is rumoured to have the ability to grow to the size of several story high buildings in Civil War. Now, that being said, SpiderMan is getting his Iron-Spider suit! I'm so excited! Its meant to be a bribe attempt by Stark to get Parker on his team! This is what it looks like if you don't know what it is:

Amazing right! If Ant-Man stays normal ant-sized, Spidey would clearly win, but it may be a fair fight if Ant-Man could grow!

Fifth in line? Scarlett Witch vs Vision

Ok, I'm on the fence about this one. Yes Scarlett Witch can give the Vision...Visions, and basically bring him down to his knees, which is exactly what happens in the comics, but Vision has the mind stone! He is one of the most powerful members of the team! Both have the power of flight and aerial attacks. This is a hard one... I'd have to say its a tie in most areas.

Finally, most importantly but certainly not least: Captain America vs Iron Man.

This is it. The deciding match. Leader against leader. The rebellious, armour wearing billionaire against the patriotic, anti-profanity soldier. Both have major advantages: Cap's vibranium shield vs Iron man's fire power. I am on the fence about this one, something was spoiled for me about the comics, but I won't spoil it for you guys, so I'm going to have to go with...Iron man. I'm locking that answer in. Let me know what you guys think about these fights!


Which side will you choose? #TeamCaptainAmerica or #TeamIronMan?


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