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Poor Leo...he just can't catch a break with his earth-saving stuff here lately. I mean, he wins his first Oscar ever for The Revenant, but then almost immediately gets a torrent of backlash for his comments on climate change and global warming, while enjoying huge yachts and lots of rides in big planes. Of course, his critics ignored the fact that the dude has the funds and the toys that allow him to reach millions with his earth-saving messages, so floating and flying really the only way he's going to get all over the world to spread them.

Well, his eco-tastic ways have recently gotten him in a little bit of a trouble.

With an entire country.

The feeling's mutual!
The feeling's mutual!

This month, Leo visited Indonesia's Mount Leuser National Park to highlight the encroaching palm oil plantations and their effects on the wildlife. The wildlife there isn't a bunch of opossums and raccoons, either; orangutans, Sumatran tigers, elephants and rhinos all coexist in the area.

One out three ain't bad, Dorothy.
One out three ain't bad, Dorothy.

The star pressed that the palm oil plantations are growing, and taking the rainforest out to make space to grow their product, something that's used in everything from margarine to detergent.

His harsh words for the industry ticked off some top officials in the Indonesian government, who said his posts on social media could be grounds for banning him from the country forever.

They say he discredited the industry and the government's recent attempts to rope the companies in, prosecuting them for violating environmental laws.

Of course, just like any hot topic like this involving a celebrity and a rainforest eating industry, the emotions ran high for the first few days, but in the most recent article on, things seemed to have calmed down a bit. Siti Nurbaya, Indonesia's environment and forestry minister, said Leo simply “lacked complete information” before criticizing the palm oil industry, their destruction of rainforests, and the government's efforts to stop them.

Heru Santoso, spokesman for the directorate general for immigration at the law and human rights ministry (man, what a mouthful), said that they “support his concern to save the Leuser ecosystem,” indicating that they may have cooled their jets...somewhat.

But still not word on whether or not Leo can go back...

Oops, this just in!

I'm not expert on the subject, but I'm sure Leo has accomplished exactly what he set out to do; to get the word out that the rainforest and it's inhabitants are in danger. And all he had to do was go there for one media and the internet did the rest for him!



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