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Jonathan Sim

Hey, guys! This is my 100th post on MoviePilot/Creators. Here's to another 100!

And thanks so much for getting me to 150,000 reads. When I get to 250,000 reads, I'll be able to apply to be a verified creator. And we're going to celebrate that. I don't know how just yet, but I'll do something to thank you guys.

Let's get to the good stuff...

A few months ago, I released a post covering the reasons why there will never be a Back to the Future Part IV. I don't want to see another movie added to the franchise, but I've seen a few fake trailers for a sequel and there appeared to be a lot of footage from Back to the Future-themed commercials and stuff like that with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd (both with prominent roles in the film series). One Back to the Future IV trailer received 10 million views.

So I decided to have a go at this myself and create MY OWN Back to the Future IV trailer. I tried making it as realistic as possible, but there were a few difficulties in the music, so it might be a little strange at times. But here it is. Check it out:

Hope you guys liked it!


Did you like my trailer?


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