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Today, I intend to convince Warner Bros. to do something for me, and all DC fans as a whole: Get rid of Zack Snyder from the DCEU. Please. Now, I'm not saying that Zack is a bad director, because I actually enjoyed both Batman v Superman and Man of Steel, but one thing's certain when it comes to Mr. Snyder- none of his movies have proved to be popular with everyone.

Take Batman v Superman for example. Was it a bad movie? No. But is it for everyone? No. Now, I know that some people will hate on a movie no matter what *cough* *cough* Alex Leadbeater, but there's a difference from having a movie that just some people don't like, and having a movie that literally splits everyone down the middle. Seriously.

Marvel has flirted with controversy before (ex. Iron Man 3), but they've never had a freaking internet war over one of their films. Even people that love Zack Snyder and think that both of the entries so far in the DCEU are masterpieces (face it, they're not) have to admit all this controversy around all of the DCEU's movies so far could do some serious damage to the franchise.

Like, do you think Warner Bros. will keep wanting to make movies that spark this much controversy? Do you think they want mixed reviews across the internet? No! Of course they don't, and they might not be so keen on continuing this franchise if it keeps causing the internet to go to war.

No one outside of pathetic DC haters (Alex Leadbeater) wants the DCEU to die. We want DC to succeed both critically and financially. So please, Warner Bros., drop Zack Snyder. Replace him with Ben Affleck or David Ayer or someone else really good. Please.


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