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3 months ago, I’ve posted my article, giving your own input on what would like to see on the next “Flash & Arrow” crossover. Some of them we’re very interesting, some very unique.

So I thought, let me put my 2 cents in for what I would like to see for the next crossover.

The storyline that I want to see & use is a modern storyline based on the graphic novel, “DC: The New Frontier” written and illustrated by creator Darwyn Cooke. The plot for it is that the US government issued a registration act on both Star City & Central City for metahumans & vigilantes to work for the government if they refused, they would become wanted fugitives.

The direction it should go is that Team Arrow (Green Arrow, Black Canary & Speedy), The Flash, Firestorm (Martin Stein & Jason Rusch “New Host”), The Atom, Hawkgirl, Vibe (soon), Mr. Terrific (soon) & Vixen should lay low after this blows over. Some continue to fight crime & protect either both cities.

The character(s) that should be added in this crossover is

Hal Jordan (Green Lantern),

Carol Ferris,

Challengers of the Unknown,

Martian Manhunter (for the Arrowverse),

Diane Meade

Sam “Slam” Bradley,

King Faraday,

Rick Flagg, Jr.,

Blackhawk Squadron,

Adam Strange,

Will Magnus,

Commander Steel,

Black Lightning,


& Mera

The character(s) that should "NOT" be in this crossover are

John Diggle,

Caitlin Snow,

Harrison Wells & Jesse (Earth 2)

Sara Lance (White Canary),

Jefferson “Jax” Jackson

& (MOST IMPORTANTLY) Felicity Smoak.

Also, NO MULTIVERSES! (e.g: Supergirl universe)

For the main villain, Both Flash & Green Arrow has fought 2 of Flash’s villains & an immortal. This one isn’t human at all. They should be taking on “The Centre”.

A powerful chthonic alien entity born on primordial Earth and lived for millions of years. For the next millennia, it witnessed humankind growing more adapted to its environment, including human nature which concerned the being. By the mid-20th & early 21st century, the Centre decided all of humanity was a threat to its existence & it needs to be cleansed off the planet.

The writers & producers should use Lian Yu as the Centre & instead of Dinosaurs; it should be mutated, demonic human corpses (NOT ZOMIBIES!) since the known inhabitants on that island are deceased.

They should also add Captain Cold, the Centre's doomsday cult & a robotic construct of Grodd.

With all of this said, The Flash, Green Arrow & others will finally band together along with the US government to combat the Centre. It will also learn that it’s not about protecting Star City or Central City, It’s about protecting the world that will not only usher the formation of the Justice League (CW) but bringing in its major heroes into the Arrowverse, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc,

Much like what Marvel is doing for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War as a 2 parter, this 3rd crossover for The Flash & Arrow should be a 2 parter.

December 6 & 7: (Part 1) | Episodes 8 (The Flash & Arrow)

December 13 & 14: (Part 2) | Episodes 9 (The Flash & Arrow)

Finally the name of the crossover should be called…… “NEW FRONTIER”.

Sound off! Let me know what you think of my idea.

ALSO, continue sounding off on your "Flash & Arrow 3" Ideas.




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