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Comic books are much more mainstream than they've ever been, a medium that was once considered a "geeky hobby" and for children has now become completely integrated into our culture!

Comics have appeared in more ways than just on paper. From movies to TV shows, to video games, comic books are everywhere!

Now, thanks to the success of huge comic book publishers like Marvel and DC, even the smaller comic books have a chance at making it to the small and silver screen. For example, it's recently been announced that the next comic book adaption will be a little known cult-hit by the name of The Boys.

The Boys centers on a team of super-powered CIA operatives. Superheroes have let their powers go to their heads, and regularly indulge in reckless behavior. "The Boys," as the CIA team is titled, exist to keep the world's corrupt heroes in check.

Created by Garth Ennis, The Boys was first in 2006 and concluded after 72 Issues in 2012. Full of violence, action and dark comedy, The Boys is full of trademark Ennis style! Ennis is also the creator of another awesome dark and mature comic book set for a TV adaption, Preacher.

Though Preacher and The Boys seemingly have different premises, at their core they're both about a team of people daring to do the unthinkable and face off against a higher power. In Preacher's case, it's God, and with The Boys', it's a whole world full of powerful heroes that could split them in half!

The Boys is coming to Cinemax, and will be adapted by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the writing power duo behind hit movies like Superbad and This Is The End.

Evan and Goldberg are also working on the TV adaption for Preacher. Ennis himself is producing the series, with original Supernatural creator Eric Kripke writing it. So, if you loved the early seasons of Supernatural as much as I did, you're in for a real treat!

The adaption of The Boys marks yet another comic book cult-hit coming to the screen! The aforementioned Preacher is premiering on AMC on May 22, and Neil Gaiman's The Sandman series is set to hit the big screen sometime in the foreseeable future!

With series like these making it on to the small and silver screen, there's hope for all the innovative and independent comic creators out there who don't have big names like Marvel or DC behind them!

Here's hoping The Boys reaches our screens as soon as possible! Will you be checking it out?

Thanks for reading!

Which comic-based series are you most looking forward to?



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