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**For Anyone Not Caught Up To Date With TWD... Spoilers Not Far**

So guys, I have finally formulated all my thoughts on Sunday's finale. After watching the scene MANY times over and taking careful notes, I have finally drawn diagrams of who I think it is who is going to be killed and why.

First off, the very first thing I would like to point out is that right before Negan cracks somebody's head open, he threatens Carl

If anybody talk,if anybody moves, cut the boy's other eye out and feed it to his father.

Now, when Negan says this, he gestures towards Carl when he refers to him as "the boy." And when Negan gestures to Carl, he gestures to his right, implying that whoever got Lucilled is to Carl's right.

After Negan refers to Carl as "the boy," he looks to his left when he says "and feed it to his father," as if he's looking at someone/talking to someone on his left, implying he is not at the left end of the line. So with these two facts being stated, it seems that whoever got Lucilled is between Carl and Glenn (Glenn being the person to the far left at the end of the line)

Then, when Negan cracks the unknown victims skull open, there is nothing in the view besides Negan, and a black backround. There's not even any hair or hat brims in the first person view of Negan hitting a member of Rick's group.

Anyways guys, here is my first round of eliminations for the lineup of Rick's crew:

Good news for anybody who's a fan of Glenn or Carl, as there is no reason to assume that either of them gets Lucilled. As for Michonne and Abraham, there is no reason to suggest that either of them didn't get the bat. As you guys can see, Michonne and Abraham are the only ones that would get the view we saw as the character was being hit.

Now as for my final conclusion... I don't think amc would give such a brutal death to a woman. Especially her because she just sparked her new romance with Rick. Not only that, but Michonne didn't get enough time in the spotlight this season.

As for Abraham on the other hand... The guy has had A LOT of time in the spotlight this season and this season has been a platform of character development for good ole Abe. Also in the finale, Abraham shares a nice, long goodbye hug with his old friend Eugene.

However, this is not confirmed, but does back my theory I gave in my previous article about who got Lucilled. I personally think it's Abraham, but feel free to prove me wrong


Who got Lucilled?


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