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Now with xmen apocalypse being realeased in a few months and wolverine 3 alike (not being realeased in a few months) we need to think about what will happen after hugh jackman leaves the claws sheathed forever and these are reasons I think the fans might give up on the franchise.

Wolverine has been the main character every film in the series

Now we all know at this point wolverine has become way more popoular with the xmen film franchise he has been the main character in pretty much every film besides prequels like first class and all origin storys of the iconic team but lets not forget one of the most hilarious cameos in the marvel universe

But wolverine has helped the xmen out of every situation for every main installment like xmen,x2,last stand,and days of future past.

He's the only character to get solo film's

While both of the wolverine film's arent really great wolverine is the only character in the entire franchise to get a solo film let alone more then one and unfortunatley for all of us wolverine fan's hugh jackman is leaveing after wolverine 3 but the good new's is that they will be using the oldman logan story line wich would be really bad ass and the other good news is that with wolverine gone they might make room for more solo film's in the xmen universe.

They will most likely stop wolverine after jackman leaves

While this is highly unlikely it is also pretty understandable why marvel would go in this direction hugh jackman has made wolverine how we always thought he would be potrayed on the big screen and with him being such a flagship character for the franchise and after hugh jackman leaves it will be hard for most of us to see an xmen film without him and with him not being in apocalypse it just wont be the same while it look badass it still wont do with out him in it.

It will be hard to recast hugh jackman

Now if marvel dosent decide to scrap wolverine after his third movie it will be extremly difficult to recast jackman now there have been rumors that tom hardy will play wolverine next if they have any plans for him in the future. I for one think that would be really awsome but what happens if he does a bad job then who will they get to play him after that. Tom hardy is the only choice i can think of with the fact that jackman wants him to play wolverine next.

What about you will you keep up with xmen when jackman leaves.

I my myself will most likely not move with the franchise after jackman leaves ill see how apocalypse is and if its good i might move on with it but odds of that are pretty slim. Im a huge wolverine fan and i cant see him without jackman.


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