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With all the new comic book movies that have been, are, and will be hitting the theaters, wouldn't it be nice to go down memory lane, and have a look at how all our superheroes got their start? Every one of the was introduced to us in a comic book, and looking back, it's almost hilarious to see how far they've come in their appearances and powers.

We'll start with the most recent release, BvS-

Ladies first! Here's Wonder Woman's first big read-

And Batman's-

And the man himself, Superman!

Flash is going to be re-re-reintroduced by Ezra Miller in the next Justice League movie-

Even though Grant Gustin ROCKS it-

But none of them quite can live up to this badass-

With Civil War around the corner, let's cover some of the big hitters in that movie.

Spider-man has come quite a long ways...

...but the web wings would still kind of rock!

Thor then-

And now...he has the dotty things, but no helmet!

Oops...never mind. At least he doesn't go into battle with it on.

Speaking of helmets, Iron Man's looked kind of funky...and those boots!

Him and his soon-to-be-but-hopefully-not-toast pal War Machine

The Hulk is lacking some color here, and it's even a color cover-

Plenty of mean green here!

Speaking of Hulk, Wolverine comes to tangle with him, but we all know how that can end up...

not this time!
not this time!

Much better!

Cap made his debut knocking the #### out of Hitler! Rock on!

But now he's sad, because he has to fight his friends instead of dictators.

Moving on to other heroes and their (sometimes not so successful) movies...Green Lantern!

Still don't care what everyone thinks, I liked this movie!

But thank goodness for Deadpool...


He made his debut in 1997, making him one of the newer heroes. And he became the highest grossing avocado to ever hit the big screen!

Here's the Punisher looking pretty badass-

And here are both Thomas Jane and Jon Bernthal, because well, just because!

And ending this trip, here's Aquaman in his first comic of his very own-

And here's how you say “You'll never make fun of Aquaman again...will you?”

Hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane...even if, you know, you weren't alive to witness half of what you just saw!


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