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Since this is a fairly new game, there will most likely be things that you don't want to know in this article. So if you haven't played the game and still want to do that with no idea what you'll be faced with (which is what I prefer), then turn back now. This will be your only warning.

So this game, Quantum Break, came out 3 days ago (5th April) and I have binge played this game. I'm already at the final Boss battle, which I saw coming from a mile away, and I absolutely love it. I loved the time travel element and all the Time Powers. But there are some things that I don't quite like as much. So here are some of the best and the worst of Quantum Break. The worst will be first and the best will be last.

The Cons

Some Enemies

In this game (and nearly every single other one), there are different types of enemies. Like Fallout 4 for example. I know having different enemies is important but they just get annoying. I understand how boring Fallout 4 would be with just Radroaches crawling around every where. There has to be a challenge, and that's why Quantum Break has these different big guys you have to kill every so often. There's a big guy that has what looks like a Juggernaut suit on which means he is very protected and armoured up. He also has a big gun that kills you very quick if not in cover. But he's surprisingly pretty easy to kill. Then there's this other dude that has some piece of tech on his upper body that detects people. He carries a sort of grenade launcher that explodes then implodes. If you use Time Rush (I'll explain later down the track) then you can run past him and shoot at his weakness on his back. It takes a couple of goes until he dies but all-in-all it's pretty easy. Oh, and these two can move through stutters (I'll explain that too) so be careful. Then there's the next one up from the normal soldiers. He's like a normal soldier but he can move through stutters and can move really quick. They can be killed as easily as a normal soldier but sometimes he just runs off. If he does this just follow the yellow streak that he leaves in his wake.

Some equipment

There are some pieces of technology that can be rather frustrating. Like the Chronon Dampeners. These bad boys can be found just sitting somewhere or on one of those big guys I mentioned before. The ones that just sit around are big pieces of tech, and they create a red bubble around the machine. The ones that are on the soldiers are small but they do the same thing. Now you probably think that that sound so bad, but when you can't use your powers until you shut the machine down or kill the soldier, that becomes very frustrating.

Jack Joyce played by Shawn Ashmore
Jack Joyce played by Shawn Ashmore

The Pros

The Time Powers

Time Vision

The Time Powers are the main part of the game. An accident happens and you get powers to stop the accident. Time Vision is a power that you always have, even not during combat. It's like Eagle Eye Vision from Assassins Creed. It locates all the enemies, all the things that can be interacted with and it also shows where you have to go.

Time Stop

Time Stop is a power where you can slow down time in a bubbled area, which comes in handy more times than you think. Sometimes there are unstable doors in stutters that need to be passed to continue on with the mission. You can use Time Stop to slow down the door and pass through it safely.

Time Dodge

Time Dodge is a very handy for getting out of the blast range of a grenade. When you press the button, whatever way you're going or pointing, you do a quick boost then stop and every things back to normal. Like I said, it's great for evading grenades.

Time Shield

A Time Shield is something that creates, well, a shield that deflects all the enemies bullets but lets yours pass through to hit the victim. It's very useful when cornered by the big guys.

Time Rush

Time Rush is a glorified Time Dodge. Everything slows down and you start to run. If you run over to a normal soldier then you can do a real cool jump punch, or a cool punch while jumping off of their knee. But after you do the slo-mo air punch then the Time Rush ends.

There are other powers that are usable but those ones are my favourite and the ones that I think are the most useful.

Quantum Break title
Quantum Break title

The Stutters

The stutters are somewhere in the middle of the pros and cons. But for me they start leaning toward the pros when you look at the pure awesomeness of the destruction that happens within. Like the bridge mission. In this bridge mission, the player needs to cross a bridge to get to Sofia and Beth who is on a boat. When you've defeated the enemies a boat crashes into the bridge and some major stutters start happening. You then have to maneuver through conveniently placed objects and street signs. Another one is when you're on your way to steal the Countermeasure from Monarch Solutions and a stutter makes a train ram straight through the bottom level of the building, while you're on the bottom level of the building.

The Live Action Show

This game isn't like any other that I've seen before. This game comes with a TV show as extended cut scenes after the player has finished an act. The TV show goes after a group of people who aren't really connected to the main story until the end of the game. The episodes go for about 10 to 20 minutes each, which isn't bad. The whole thing is a lot better when there is actual actors playing as characters in the game and the show. Jack Joyce, played by Shawn Ashmore, is the main protagonist and Paul Serene, played by Aiden Gillen, is the main antagonist of the game and show.

What are your thoughts and favourite parts of Quantum Break? Feel free to share them down below!


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