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Who doesn't love a good comedy? Though there are days when I want to watch a complex film, there are other times when I just want to see something fun that will make me laugh, and Everybody Wants Some does just that.

Oscar-nominated director, writer and producer Richard Linklater brought this hilarious film to life, with the help of a fantastic cast. Having previously worked on films like Boyhood, Linklater proves himself to be a fantastic director and writer for the film. Linklater was the writer and director of Dazed and Confused, a similar movie that took place in the '70s. This time around, he's taking us to the '80s.

The best part of the movie, however, is easily the ensemble cast. Though the cast may not be the most well known, they are all fantastic in their roles. Each character has their own quirk, making each of them stand out without outshining the other. This balance is very difficult to achieve on screen, yet was done perfectly in this film.

The two most well known members of the cast are Blake Jenner, who previously starred on Glee, and Wyatt Russell, the son of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn who previously played roles in 22 Jump Street and Cowboys & Aliens. Both Jenner and Russell let their talents shine throughout the film, while the rest of the cast members, though not as well known, shine just as much.

The story follows Jake (Blake Jenner), an incoming freshman to college during the '80s. Living in the same house as his new baseball teammates, Jake experiences plenty of new things — heavy drinking, marijuana, sex, extreme competitiveness, etc.

A lot happens to these hilarious characters as they travel from bar to bar, throw wild parties, bring drunk girls home, and still find time to practice for baseball — which is a lot to do, considering that the entire movie only takes place in one weekend.

Though the jokes and the fun take up the majority of the movie, without getting old, there is still an underlying theme. The movie really looks into the influencers surrounding Jake, and shows that he can still be himself, even with all of his friends being different.

That's the true power of the movie: even though every person tries to act alike as a group, they still have their defining differences. At the end of the day, the hippie is still a hippie, the country boy is still a country boy, the ladies man still tries his moves on the ladies, and the sweet boy is still sweet to the girl he likes.

Another fantastic factor of Everybody Wants Some is the costume design. As this movie takes place in the '80s, the cast would not be able to be on stage dressed in the clothes that are common today — changes had to be made to make the movie more realistic to the time period. Polos, baseball caps, and shirts obnoxiously tucked into jeans are the common outfits for characters in the film.

Additionally, about half of the characters wore the classic '80s mustaches, and some even had the formerly popular bowl cut — both of which have become off-putting today. Though the costumes and hair may be a bit exaggerated at times, it is great for anyone who remembers the '80s and wants to relive it — or even for those who just want to see what it was like back then.

Whether you looking for the comedy, for the cast, or for the '80s nostalgia, Everybody Wants Some is a fantastic movie to go see. It's laugh out loud hilarious, and a must-see this weekend for anyone who wants to lighten up their day. Whether you're young or old, this movie will be great for you!

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'Everybody Wants Some' hits theaters this Friday, April 8. Be sure to check it out, and thanks for reading!



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