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Everybody that was born in the 90s and early 00s remembers The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and it's sequel The Suite Life on Deck. Dylan and Cody Sprouse we're the big stars, but as loved as them was Brenda Song, the hilarious rich and spoiled teenager that was a delight to watch.

When in 2011 it all ended (5 years already), Brenda (kind of) went to oblivion, appearing for a few episodes of the show Scandal and New Girl.

In 2013 she managed to get one of the main roles in the sitcom Dads, and in my opinion it was hilarious, but only lasted 19 episodes before being cancelled.

She played a secretary and there she managed to show how different she was from her Disney times, but even though it was good, it didn't last long.

These days she has been mostly modeling, and her photos are amazingly beautiful, sexy, and even misterious in some kind. Check for yourself:

And my personal favorite:

Recently she made this announcement:

So it won't be long till you see her again, wich is good news.


Do you miss the old Brenda Song or you prefer her as she is now?


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