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Delvin Davis

"I did it all for the Wookie!"

Well Twitter wished me mornin' with this preview from 'Rogue One' teaser and I doubt that, I could have started the day with a much higher note!

First of all this was totally unexpected and undoubtedly astonishing. I wasn't expecting a teaser for a movie coming out in December so early on!

For those who don't know (well everyone knows) 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' is the first Anthology film from the epic space opera franchise and is gonna show the events prior to Episode IV i.e. 'A New Hope'. For the record, not all Anthology films are gonna stay in the 'Force Awakens timeline' as they are gonna jump around with time-lines to show events that we yet don't know of.

However, 'Rogue One ' is gonna tell the story of how the Resistance fighters band together for a "deadly" mission to steal plans for the Empire's Death Star.

From the preview all we can deduce is that the Storm Troopers have changed or rather look different!

Well it's not everyday that we get a teaser for a teaser! The best 11 seconds of the day so far. Simply can't wait for tomorrow!

Check it out if you haven't yet:-


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