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Choosing a starter has always been the hardest, most pause-prompting part of any Pokémon game, and still remains a heated topic of near-endless debate. Fire or water? Offense or defense? Tail whip or growl?

What if you didn't have to settle on one? What if, instead of his traditional trademark battle cry, Ash shouted "I choose you, mixed with half of you!"

These inspired hybrids give us a glimpse of what inter-bred pocket monsters might look like, had they been cooked up by an exceptionally gung ho, gene-splicing Poké-lab. But these combinations were all concocted by you, the Now Loading community, and are re-merged here for your ogling pleasure. Please don't touch the cages.

1. Maronite, submitted by Cody Bruce

A hardened, skull-like surface has covered Dragonite's formerly smug face. I don't want to punch those puffy jowls so much anymore, which is evolution at work, in a way.

2. Mewizard, submitted by Chris Doyal

The formidable Mewizard is terrifying in all but name.

3. Caterwrath, submitted by Curtis Gerster

Stick 'em up, sonny!

4. Goleon, submitted by Jesse Hawkins

The fabled Goleon drags its jaw across the floor to display general incredulity.

5. Dotwo, submitted by Josh Santos

Good gracious, and we thought playing god was a good idea...

6. Cunyte, submitted by Dan Halverson

The perfectly defended prehistoric turtle is born!

7. Lickichamp, submitted by Dalton DeLima

Funny, that's what they used to call me in high school.

8. Magnedos, submitted by Makinsey Kramer

Proving that Sauron would have been a lot more imposing with talons.

9. Porydactyl, submitted by Luke Kowalske

Because if there's one thing Polygon was missing, it's wings.

10. Charmander, submitted by Melo Soto

Argh, my brain hurts.

Be sure to submit your best Pokémon Fusion here!


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