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Heather Snowden

Miley Cyrus is nursing some pretty painful looking wounds following a brutal battle with a household cat.

The renowned animal lover shared a series of shots displaying her scratches to Instagram and captioned them with a bunch of expletives and crying cat emojis.

The cat in question has not come forward to publicly fess-up to his dastardly deed, but one assumes this cute lil black & white fellow named Harlem may have something to do with it. What Miley did to provoke such an attack is also unknown but let's hope it was worth it because this forehead baby is sure to leave a scar:

The little devil caused quite a mess:

F*cking OW:

Thankfully the altercation hasn't hindered Miley's ethics and confirms she has no desire to munch her cat as a result.

Dogs v. Cats. Discuss.


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