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Matthew Perry has exercised his right to not give a rat's ass about missing the Friends so-called reunion in February this year.

During an interview with AOL on Tuesday, when asked whether he was sad not to have sat on a sofa again alongside the Central Perk gang to reignite '90s nostalgia he said:

“Not really. It was just six people getting together for a Jim Burrows special. It wasn’t really a reunion. And I couldn’t do it because I was in London doing my play.”

Ice cold from Bing!

Perry was interviewed about the new CBS sitcom The Odd Couple alongside co-star Thomas Lennon. Lennon, who played Joey's hand twin in "The One in Vegas: Part 2" (1999) joked:

"I wasn't even asked, it was insane. Very offended."

Source: CBS
Source: CBS

Perry also smiled about how kids watching him on Friends on Netflix — where the entire series is available — wondered why he looked so old. He's now 46, whereas when he first danced in the fountain to "I'll Be There For You" in 1994 he was just 25.

AOL interview | Source: AOL
AOL interview | Source: AOL

He considered his return to TV comedy:

“I spent 10 years away from sitcoms, and then went back. The thing about doing a sitcom is the hours are the best hours you’ll get as an actor. We basically work from 10 till 3, or something like that, a day.

"And it’s really fun to do in front of a live studio audience because you get the reactions right away. So, I wondered why I kind of stayed away from it for so long.”

Jennifer Mudge and Perry in 'The End of Longing'
Jennifer Mudge and Perry in 'The End of Longing'

Perry opted out of joining his five co-stars because he had stated he was busy doing the theater production The Edge of Longing in London. He instead supplied a short video statement, which mainly focused on commending TV director James Burrows — whom the gathering honored.

Source: NBC
Source: NBC

The hype disappointed many who hoped the "reunion" would be another Friends episode, though that would've been kinda weird given how much they've changed. As it turned out this had never been an option — instead the cast were to meet in a chat show format in a segment as part of a larger special dedicated to Burrows.

Do you think Perry really doesn't care?

Source: AOL Build


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