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Allanah Faherty

Throughout his long and tumultuous career, Robert Downey Jr. has never stopped making fans swoon with his dreamy looks, sassy retorts and all-round awesomeness.

Give RDJ's numerous contributions to cinema history, I figured it was only fair to compile a short list of the 9 times Robert Downey Jr. stole our hearts. Take a look:

1. When he celebrated his birthday like this

2. When he asked the real questions

3. When he proved he wasn't scared of a little make up

4. When he played one of the best Superheroes ever

5. When he hand delivered a real Iron Man arm to a deserving kid

6. When he made 'Ferrari Friday' a thing

7. When he embraced the whole 'Science Bros' thing with Mark Ruffalo

8. When this was an actual thing that he said

9. When he was just awesome

Which Robert Downey Jr. film is your favorite?


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