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Varia Fedko-Blake

We all love a good lookalike, but this one really takes the biscuit. It appears that not one, but two, heartthrobs have some pretty serious competition from a young Spaniard who looks just like both of them.

A dashing model is being hailed as the "perfect combination" of PILLOWTALK Zayn Malik and our beloved Biebster. And, unlike Justin, Spanish babe David Carrera ain't sorry about it either.

Instead, David's been busy staring longingly into camera lenses and posting the results onto Instagram, sparking off a fan frenzy hysterically comparing him to the former One Direction Brit and the Canadian lothario:

And, just like the two men he resembles, he's totally aware of how attractive he is, re-posting a tweet by DailyManCandy that has now been favorited over 1,000 times:

You can't deny that his genes have truly hit the jackpot and now everyone seems to want a piece of David. Here's a stellar example of a typical fan reaction:

But can you see the resemblance?

If you could look like a combination of two people, who would you pick?



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