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Chris Pratt is about as perfect as a tomato is red. Or as the sun is warm. Or as sugar is sweet. You get the idea. That might make some people a little jealous of his wife, Anna Faris, but it's impossible to stay mad for long when you see what a happy family they make with their 3-year-old son Jack.

Remember when they got to name a penguin and decided to call him Eagle the Penguin, because they thought "a penguin with aspirations to fly might be really fun," and the world reached a level of cuteness that no one even knew existed?

Actually, let's watch it again.


Chris Pratt Is On Snapchat, I Repeat, Chris Pratt Is On Snapchat

The poor souls who didn't win the contest to spend a day with Pratt on the set of the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 set can REJOICE, because there's a new method on the market to get your daily dose of Pratt: Snapchat.

Not content with regularly making (br)ovaries explode on Instagram, the Star-Lord of our dreams has taken to Snapchat to share more of the reasons why he's perfect live, real-time, and with all the intimacy of a front camera.

He's only shared one snap so far, riding a kind of moped across the Guardians set, and giving us a glimpse of his underwear in a mirror shot where he explains he has bronchitis. Poor fella :(

Things We Can't Wait To See On Pratt's Snapchat

So what's the next one going to be? Mr. Pratt, if you're reading this, here are seven things we're definitely expecting to see on your Snapchat.

1. Let's get the obvious out of the way.

Acknowledging once that it's "kind of douchey" to share a workout pic was enough, you're excused for the rest of your life.

2. Speaking of abs, give us more of that sound diet advice, please.

3. Let's see more adorable family moments, too!

4. Obviously, that witty humor is going to sound great on Snapchat.

5. Make us wish again we were a magazine page.

6. Teach us how to dance.

7. Also, beauty advice? Yes please.

8. The only thing that we'll miss is these amazing hashtags.

Sigh. Add @ChrisPrattSnap on Snapchat to share in the best kind of goofiness the world has ever seen.

Please and thank you.
Please and thank you.

What do you love about Chris Pratt?

Source: Buzzfeed


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