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Karly Rayner

Justin Bieber is taking his role as a Calvin's ambassador so seriously that he seems to have the iconic undies surgically grafted onto his skin, and a recent Instagram post shows that this isn't much of an exaggeration.

You'd think someone of Justin's financial status would be able to get new tighty whiteys before growing out of them, but apparently not...

Although some people might say wearing your jocks so tight that they inscribe their name on your skin might be a tad unattractive, not to mention bad for reproductive health, 39% of people on the MTV website seemed to appreciate the circulation-stopping look.

Which leads on to the most pertinent question of the day, which bottoms do you prefer to see on your Biebs?

Leather Daddy Diaper Bieber?

Are you kinky and conservative at the same time? Biebs has it covered, literally.

Justin Teaser?

The human embodiment of the never ending handkerchief trick, you whip a pair of pants off this Bieber and they just keep on coming!

Little Lord Flaunteroy?

I can't tell if those eyes are seductive or slightly shamed, and I love it!

Biebz In Da Breeze

Gives feeling the wind in your hair a whole new meaning!


Which Bieber is your fave?


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