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The 100 star Ricky Whittle has spoken out strongly against what he felt was maltreatment by show-runner Jason Rothenberg so extreme his only option was to quit the series.

In an hour-long interview on AfterBuzz TV Whittle opened up about the subject of his potentially untimely departure from the dystopian program. He said:

"Basically Jason Rothenberg abused his position to make my job untenable. What he did was disgusting and he should be ashamed."
Lincoln pre-death | Source: Warner Bros.
Lincoln pre-death | Source: Warner Bros.

Whittle continued:

"He was professionally bullying me, cutting out all the story line I was supposed to be doing, cutting lines, cutting everything out, trying to make my character and myself as insignificant as possible."

Whittle's character, Lincoln, was killed off in a graphic execution in Episode 9 of the third season last week. Lincoln has featured in the show since it began in 2014.

Lincoln's death | Source: Warner Bros.
Lincoln's death | Source: Warner Bros.

The bullying was backed up by Whittle's mom, who took to Twitter to express her angst at her son's situation:

The 34-year-old actor has not yet commented on his mom's tweets. The accusations on AfterBuzz didn't stop there, with Whittle saying:

"It was childish, it was immature, it's narcissistical [sic], really. He chose to belittle me and neglect my character and myself. I often had questions and emails were ignored and things like that. It was ridiculous...
"That's one thing that I'll never forgive him for: he made me walk away from something I really love. I love Lincoln. I love the show. I love that cast and crew. He forced me to make that choice, to walk away."

He isn't at a loose end, however. Whittle is already looking forward to performing as Shadow in Starz production American Gods, which is currently in pre-production stages.

Rothenburg | Source: JB Lacroix / WireImage
Rothenburg | Source: JB Lacroix / WireImage

Rothenberg, who is credited with creating The 100, wouldn't be drawn by the accusations. He responded coolly:

"Ricky Whittle is a talented actor; I appreciate his work on 'The 100' and wish him all the best moving forward on 'American Gods.'"

Whittle stands by his decision to take a step back from the show. He said:

"I'm proud I did it, I stood up and said: 'Enough's enough. My personal well-being is more important than this.'"

Watch The AfterBuzz Interview:

Are you sad Lincoln is gone from 'The 100'?

Source: AfterBuzz TV


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