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Battling Mojo Jojo, Gangreen Gang and Him, The Powerpuff Girls were always up to their eyeballs with criminals messing with Townsville's zen.

And, when the three (fabulously coordinated) sisters — Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup — weren't beating up baddies, they had other demons to deal with; namely, sibling rivalry, personal hygiene and losing teeth — because the struggle is real whether you're an animated kid or not.

Over a decade since the TV series ended, Buzzfeed's artist Pedro Fequiere has imagined what The Powerpuff Girls — now Powerpuff Women — would look like after leaving Townsville and embarking on adult life. This is the result:

1. Buttercup

Still got that sass! According to reports, she's still whippin' monsters' asses despite both sisters finding "real" jobs.

2. Bubbles

Bubbles was always too sweet to handle the nitty gritties of life and now dedicates her time to helping creatures in need.

3. Blossom

Besides taking style advice from Sex and the City's Miranda, Blossom is apparently now town mayor and doing a much better job than the wimp before her.

4. Mojo Jojo

Never happy without causing a little misery, Mojo Jojo is now tearing up Townsville's retirement home.

5. Professor Utonium

No luck on the broccoli front, proud papa Utonium is still jammin' around the lab testing out his mad inventions.

For full narratives on the new lives of the Powerpuff Girls, head to Buzzfeed.

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Source: Buzzfeed


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