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There's no skirting around it, the cliffhanger season finale of The Walking Dead was extremely divisive amongst the fans. However, after teasing us with talk of an episode which will "melt the internet", it appears that the show has achieved exactly what it set out to do, though probably not in the manner it had hoped...

According to Canvs the final moments of season finale had a 70 percent negative reaction on Twitter. Ouch, that's gotta hurt like a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat to the head!

Throughout the screening of the episode, Canvs detected "Emotional Reactions" (ERs) in tweets made by viewers. While 38.8 percent of tweets showed "love" for the entirety of Season 6, that dropped to 18.2 percent for the season finale.

The closing moment of the episode was even more telling, with "love" reactions accounting for just 15.2 percent of tweets, while ERs such as "crazy," "dislike," "hate" and "upset," accounted for more than 70 percent! To read some of the more emotive fan responses to the episode, take a look over here.

The stats were also compared this to the Season 5 finale, which had fans feeling vastly different. During the final episode of Season 5 most of the ERs fell into the "love" category, with a massive 45.1 percent, while "hate" accounted for less than 10 percent.

Rick kills Pete in the Season 5 finale
Rick kills Pete in the Season 5 finale

'The Walking Dead' will return with Season 7 in October, though 'Fear the Walking Dead' returns to screen with "Monster" on Sunday, April 10 on AMC

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