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Overall episode 37 of Dragon Ball Super was above average. This episode was more like a build-up type of episode for upcoming fights and mainly the legendary assassin Hit.


Spoiler Alert!

What mainly happened is Vegeta vs Cabe match started. And Vegeta without too much effort defeated Cabe. Vegeta is now set to face Hit in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super episode 38. While a silent game is going on between Goku and Hit. Hinting a ‘Goku vs Hit’ match after Vegeta gets defeated. Episode 38 trailer highlights Hit dominating against Vegeta.

The animation quality of this episode was ok. But I kind of think the previous 2 episodes has lesser flaws than this one.

Going into the details, Cabe as shown in the episode 37 trailer transformed into the Super Saiyan form!

No he didn’t lie about it. And he isn’t a twisted little bitch like Frost. He genuinely didn’t know how to transform into a Super Saiyan. When they started fighting Cabe was almost evenly matched up with Vegeta. And Vegeta also noted how Cabe’s stance is just like his. And Cabe’s ki attacks were also similar to that of Vegeta’s. So, Vegeta thought he was in for a real fight and was getting very excited. But when he asked Cabe to turn Super and take the fight to the next level. Cabe said he couldn’t and asked Vegeta to teach so that he could become stronger and help his planet.

Though verbally Vegeta insulted him for asking to teach him in the middle of the match; he in a way actually started helping Cabe to turn super. Instead of eliminating him right away Vegeta started torturing him. He kicked him up in the air and kept hitting one kick after another not allowing him to fall down. It was so intense that others thought that Vegeta might end up killing Cabe. Then Vegeta started insulting Cabe and his planet Sadal. This ended up working as the motivation for cabe to ascend the Super Saiyan form! Cabe was already strong enough to turn super. He just needed one little push and the necessary motivation and Vegeta gave him that.

So, maybe the Saiyans of Universe 6 trains and are strong but never had to go through tough situations forcing them to turn super. Like, Goku turned into a super saiyan for the first time when Frieza was killing his friends; Vegeta dedicated his life to ascend the form after that. Same way Future Trunks got the motivation only after Future Gohan’s death.

So maybe Cabe was missing that and he transformed as soon as he got it from Vegeta. However, Vegeta later turned Super Saiyan Blue and one punched Cabe out. By the way it looks like from now on they will call it Super Saiyan Blue simply because it’s easier and catchier.

The entire episode kept taunting a Goku vs Hit match. Like when Vegeta and Cabe were fighting Goku continuously kept looking at Hit. And it almost feels Goku is very happy to see someone as strong as hit in the tournament.

Currently, Universe 6 has only 1 fighter left whereas Universe7 has 3. Still Vados and Champa is confident because their last fighter is the legendary assassin Hit. So all these are just pointing out how extreme Hit is. Also if Hit wins he will get the cube of gods which can be used to travel from one universe to another. It goes without saying that if it falls under the wrong hands let’s just say bad things will happen.

Another thing that I want to mention is Cabe told Vegeta that the king of planaet Sadal is also pretty much like him and is prideful. And Vegeta said he would like to meet him one day. This again indicates vegeta visiting planet sadal sometimes soon.

And that will be more likely if universe 7 lose and the Earth gets transferred to U6.

At this moment my prediction is Hit will take the win. This will obviously lead to a bigger plot.

So guys what do you think will happen?

Bless the comment section with your opinion down bellow.



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