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If there's something that goes together, is love and beer. At least it's what Drinking Buddies teaches us, after hour and a half.

The movie tells us the story of Luke (Jake Johnson) and Kate (Olivia Wilde), two co-workers and inseparable best friends, borderline onto something a little more. In the meantime, they've both got significant others. Jill (Anna Kendrick) is Luke's fiancée and Chris (Ron Livingston) is Kate's boyfriend.

One weekend they decide to go on a double date trip to a cabin in the wood and things get a bit awkward after Chris and Jill end up kissing each other in the woods, while Luke and Kate were at the house playing cards.

Credit: Magnolia Pictures
Credit: Magnolia Pictures

From that point, everything feels different. While Luke doesn't know until the end what really happened, the remaining three are acting weird, with Kate breaking up with Chris the day after and Jill bringing up more often the idea of setting a date.

Make no mistake, this is a comedy intended for adults, or to teach younger audiences on how to deal with these kinds of situations without drama. Adulthood is hard on relationships and it feels very real, with a certain level of levity.

Credit: Magnolia Pictures
Credit: Magnolia Pictures

hile it sets itself early as a slice-of-life comedy, it does take it's time to let you enjoy it, as it may not be for everyone. But for whomever it is, it's a great treat, filled with malt!


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