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Not only is Alan Padziński a professional sword performer and instructor, the highly impressive swordsman is also quite the huge The Witcher fan, as proved by his epic series of tutorial videos that have been been currently doing the rounds on the web.

Called 'The Sword's Path', Padziński's videos take the silky sword art of the multi award winning franchise and breaks them down into wonderfully digestible chunks that even further highlight how meticulously crafted and intricate the brilliant franchise is.

Alan Padziński
Alan Padziński

In his most recent video, Padziński gives us a taste of Ciri's fight style. And is worth a watch if only for the hilariously incongruous breakdown near the video's end:

And in an older video, Padziński takes us through Geralt's own Whirl, which is a powerful move unlocked when you have 20 points in combat skill:

If you like what you see, get over to Padziński's YouTube channel and check out more of his work.

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