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Good Morning America released the first official trailer to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but not before releasing a 20 second announcement to let us know when the trailer would air.

Here is the teaser before they released they full trailer:

Now here is the one we've been waiting for since the announcement of the film back in May 2014.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is a heist film focused on the Rogue One Squadron and they mission to steal the plans to the original Death Star from Star Wars: A New Hope.

AT-ATs are back!

Not since Empire Strikes back have we seen them in real action.

Who is this man? And why does he remind me so much of Grand Admiral Thrawn from the Timothy Zahn book trilogy?

Yes, Admiral Thrawn was blue, and he also was an alien, but he was based out of an expanded universe that has no relation to the original story, so why not create a new version of him.

A hooded figure (Vader?) going down to kneel to the Emperor? Why is the hooded figure showing so much respect to what looks like a holographic tube? Why is the tube being protected by the Emperor's Royal Guard? Are we seeing Vader communicating with the Emperor? So many questions are brought up in this about 90 second trailer.

Many of us already have a really good idea how this movie will pan out at the end, but how it's told and Darth Vader's involvement is what will make this film.

There is a lot of mystery to the roles the cast will have in this film. In contrast to any previous Star Wars film, Rogue One will be the first Star Wars movie without any Jedi. As long as you don't consider Darth Vader previously being a Jedi.

The hype that is going to surround this movie before release will be the same as the hype that surrounded Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, and that is Darth Vader. For many of us, Return of the Jedi was the last real film that gave us Darth Vader, the three plus minutes in Episode III didn't really do the fans any justice.

As long as they don't handle his first real appearance since 1983 as they handled Luke Skywalkers' in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it should be safe to say this film will be a very new experience to everyone. There is still no confirmation as to the status of James Earl Jones in the film, which will put all talks of Darth Vader as the main antagonist in the rumor/speculation section.


Did the trailer put you at ease that Star Wars doesn't always need Jedi?


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